Lil Chuckee – First To Know (Feat Tyra B)

October 19, 2009 by Danny M

New Music

Lil Chuckee First To Know Feat Tyra B

Here is some new Lil Chuckee which is from his Charles Lee Ray mixtape called “First To Know“. The song features Tyra B, and you can listen and download it below:

Download: Lil Chuckee – First To Know (Feat Tyra B)

Enjoy 8)

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7 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – First To Know (Feat Tyra B)”

  1. frity Says:

    she not tyra banks is tyra b


  2. Danny M Says:

    Oops 😳 Thanks frity


  3. PrecYse Says:

    damn LIl chuckiee you suck on this track tyra b is just a singer and she still killed you on the track. and chcukiee stop rapping you suck ass even Lil twist is better than you. your mixtape sucks and now you about to make another one. just stop i got a another coming its dissing you again. but for now guys listen to my track thats at Lil chuckiee here it is


  4. MillionDolla Baby Says:

    PrecYse suck a dick…..he better then you,bitch. In your next track diss your fucking ass


  5. PrecYse Says:

    oh i got one coming soon. fake million dollar baby. you will never get a million in your okay. i’m way better than him you no it and i know it. Chuckiee just sucks like you a you asshole you and chuck suck ass. sorry ass nigga.


  6. PrecYse Says:

    by the way fake million my next diss track is The windex effect coming soon just made the track last week so chuck watch out because i’m coming after you. and million dollar baby i got a track dissing you too its called unpoplar this track is on myspace page. its already leaked.but the windex effect coming soon. go on this site you will see the track thats dissing your bitch ass.


  7. deasia green Says:

    chuckiee you can rap but stop tryin to sound just lyke wayne but dat hoe dat comment she hatin yhu did real good but it sound nlyke yhhu shitin loose up a little and yhu are cute


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