Lil Chuckee – Sold Out Show

February 13, 2010 by Danny M

New Music

Lil Chuckee Sold Out Show

Here is the first leak from Lil Chuckee‘s Charles Lee Ray mixtape called “Sold Out Show“. You can listen and download the track below:

Download: Lil Chuckee – Sold Out Show

Props DJ Ill Will

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14 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Sold Out Show”

  1. ym4ever Says:

    lil chuckee playin them bitchess!!


  2. CMB Says:

    get them white hoess chuck!!! get em


  3. lol Says:

    ^^ i lold


  4. quentin Says:

    im yo brotha lil action remba me


  5. quentin Says:

    yo lil brotha


  6. weezy Says:

    sold out show good shit lil chuck


  7. fern Says:

    wen is the mixtape comin out?????


  8. quentin Says:

    you might not but tell mom i said hi and give me yo phone #


  9. pito Says:

    yo chuck you ugly ass motha fucka trying to be lil wezzy you got no skills you are like there pet for young money you think your hood with you parents been with you all the time pusy


  10. Biggie Says:

    that fag is mad wack
    ugly ass motherfucker


  11. PrecYse Says:

    agree with this dude chuckee sucks. period he will never blow up. he sucks twist is better than. him i saw him at the all star game. i would just beat his ass. chuck sucks period.


  12. Jamaicain Genius Says:

    Yo haters, go on hate, talking about “he not going blow up”. Why would you “bull” like that when the stats suggest otherwise? I don’t get it. I’m high for one, but crap that, Chuck has skill and he has enough backing power and awesome production line up, including a very prosperous and pioneering label behind him to push him further than Tygs and the rest ;big up Tyga Tyga, no diss. He has skill and a very different style than most rappers. And even better he’s young; hence there is an almost unlimited time to mature into the rap scene.

    So fuck it, ya’ll killing my high, so i’m “on to the next one”; blunt. Stop hating, period, they have sites for that, not this one, or any other artist con viewers. Capaiche. DONT HATE ON A FAN SITE!!! dang


  13. Jake Says:

    lmao @ all the haters. ya’ll are only mad cuz chuckee is less than half of all yalls ages and he’s far more succesful then you will ever be.
    @pito: WTF does having your parents around have to do with being hood you dumass pussy. ask any hood rapper, they would have killed to have both of their parents around, fuck, a lot of them did have both of their parents, and you’re probably still riding their dick. fuck you, get a life.


  14. PrecYse Says:

    chuck still sucks. no matter what yall say. chuck sucks period.peace


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