Happy Birthday To Gudda Gudda x R.I.P Carl Lilly Sr.

March 11, 2010 by Danny M

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Happy Birthday To Gudda Gudda x RIP Carl Lilly Sr

Today (03/11/2010) happens to be Gudda Gudda‘s birthday! Everyone at LilWayneHQ.com and YoungMoneyHQ.com would just like to say a big Happy Birthday to the Double G and hope he has a great day!

We also have some very sad news here – This past week, Gudda Gudda lost his Father, Carl Lilly Sr. Gudda must be going through a very hard time right now, so please show your respect to Gudda and send your condolences by tweeting #RIP Carly Lilly Sr if you are on Twitter. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gudda Gudda and his family… stay strong GG.

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26 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Gudda Gudda x R.I.P Carl Lilly Sr.”

  1. Theo Says:

    I’m Sorry For You Gudda Gudda


  2. bdub12nv Says:

    my condolences for you and your fam gudda


  3. Starman Jr. Says:

    Stay strong GG


  4. ViiLLAiiN Says:

    Damn, It was my Birthday today too Gudda!
    R.I.P. to ya popz!


  5. bang bang Says:

    double g happy bday big dawg im sorry to hear bout ya fatha round….YM baby….. FREE WAYNE


  6. FlyAsHell Says:

    my condolences for ur dad gudda and happy b gudda i wish u only the best:D


  7. Patman Says:

    Happy birthday Gudda and I think your father would be proud of you R.I.P Carl Lilly Sr!
    FREE WAYNE!!!!


  8. MANDEM Says:

    Double G Brap! Brap! Yeah Happy birthday Gudda Gudda… We are just expecting more from you, that’s it. Show them that you can do it without Wayne.
    Free Tunechi…. Mulahhhhhh


  9. Matheo Says:

    Happy Birthday Gudda 🙂


  10. antonio Says:

    R.I.P Carl Lilly Sr.


  11. chris dreamer Says:

    Gudda your the man yo!


  12. Gabriel Locks Says:

    Parabéns Gudda Gudda!!!!
    Happy Birthday Gudda Gudda !!



  13. IceBurg Tunechey Says:

    Happy B-Day My Nigga!
    An Hold Ya Head Up! !
    RIP! ! !


  14. peter Says:

    Whats’up man happy birthday ma negga


  15. Beauty Says:

    Aww Gudda Im so sorry for your lost I noe gow you feel to loose a love one….. Nd Happy B-day By the way!!!! :^)


  16. Nikko Says:

    Hold ya head Gudda we here 4 ya, YOUNG MONEY


  17. TRAZZIE Says:



  18. tafadzwa kim Says:

    yo gudda so so so sorry fr the loss


  19. FEP Says:

    no way! march 11 is my bday!

    dang sorry bout his dad.


  20. marquis Says:

    sorry gudda gudda happy birthday and hope u and your family stay strong and young money


  21. lexis Says:

    happy b-day double g


  22. jinn Says:

    iloveyou!!as in


  23. Brat Says:

    hey gudda gudda sorry foe tha los of ya daddys
    hope ya ok and happy brithday young nigga
    and have a good b day and sorry foe the dad
    peace young nigga


  24. Malecka Says:

    heyy See here’s dah Thiinq iim in Love w| Yuh Gudda Gudda qOt Yuh eveRyWheRe ! but anyywhO Sssrryy bOuT YUh lOse w| Yuhh pOps ! & Happyy B-dayy ! Boo !


  25. Joel Says:

    happy birthday man and my condolences 4 yo loss stay strong G G


  26. Ashley Says:

    Sorry for loss. Happy birthday. Let’s hope ppl stop assuming gudda gudda passed away…..😑😑😑😑 watching bed rook on YouTube(1 of my favorite songs)saw a connect about gudda gudda(rip gudda gudda 2009-2009)wasn’t sure how it was true looked up the name gudda gudda saw a video posted 1 mouth ago (with gudda gudda in it)looked up is gudda gudda dead and this was the 1st link I saw 😑😑😑😑😑ppl need to stop with the over thinking that things…sad thing was that connect wasn’t the only one.


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