Drake Says Jay-Z Gives Him ‘Different’ And ‘Influential’ Advice

March 19, 2010 by Danny M

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“It’s just me and Jay both rapping on it for an extended period of time,” Drake told MTV News on the set of his video for “Over.” “It’s real rap. It’s real rap. I do sing on it, but it’s just on the hook — but it’s rap. It’s great. The perspective, the dynamic on the track — it’s me and Jay’s relationship on the song, basically. When you hear it, people will be like, ‘Oh man.’ That’s how we are — just the two. He definitely has guided me a lot, as far as his words and his advice. We have a real funny rapport. I always enjoy my conversations with Jay. It’s good.”

“Sort of the same thing. [Jay] does it in this way — when Jay says something, it’s different from anyone else. It just means that much more. Jay just has this aura about him. It’s like, ‘That’s why you’re Jay-Z.’ For a guy like me who grew up wanting to be Jay-Z, it’s influential — it’s very, very influential. We have great conversations. Just life. I’m not an AWOL type of character that you have to sit down and instruct. I’m pretty aware of myself and how to go through this whole process. The conversations are just funny and good and settles my mind.”


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13 Responses to “Drake Says Jay-Z Gives Him ‘Different’ And ‘Influential’ Advice”

  1. lennie[ms barbie] Says:



  2. jonboy Says:



  3. drakekilla Says:

    fuk u drake its only 2 things that keeps u on top..ur looks..cuz looks sale.. and that u rapp with wayne..u rapp jus like him though..ur lame ass puch lines..wayne is all rite but when he has a group of ppl that all rapp like wayne its not cool..


  4. kevin Says:

    @drakekilla u sipping on hella haterade nigga


  5. Toon Says:

    drakekilla just a hater. Drake would be good all by himself ya dig


  6. DirtyRed55 Says:

    aye drakekilla U A FUCKIN HATA!!!


  7. lennie[ms barbie] Says:

    yall need to wake up in the real world as much as……… i love drake and young money…….their are people who dnt lik them u jus can’t call them a hater every time there many people who dnt lik them including lil wayne its jus there opion tho so people who think he hatin get a life and look at the real world


  8. Thandi07 Says:

    drake man, your a sellout, fuck jay-z ,your suppose to be rapping with cash money or young money

    if you think jay-z is more influential go join his label then


  9. djaybruhh Says:

    @drakekilla: you’re a fag, you would know that he has “looks” haha checkin’ that nigga out haha. get off his nuts, gay ass nigga.


  10. ThriLLa Says:

    @Thandi07; I didnt know it was bad to do a song with your favorite artist or think he was influential, and he never said Jay-Z was more influential then anybody

    Stupid people these days 😀


  11. Sonya Says:

    I think everybody needa chill out. Jus cuz drake is down wid young money doesnt mean he cant lyk jay z. Drake is a human being like u an me! He wasnt born a start! He hada follow his dreamz… But everyone can be what they wanna be. The sky is the limit!!! 00h yeah look out 4 me. . . Sonya aka cmiley. Ima be doing sum rappn shyt. S00n ima b up durr. Lyk. On top.


  12. What Says:

    fuck u and u and u too. so drake follow jay z cuz he knows that jay z is da best mothafucka. why do u are so haters and loosers mothafuckers? fuck u


  13. education Says:

    I wish all you “haters” YO would get a better education rather than spending time knocking Jay-Z and Drake who will crush you all with their wallets. You poor uneducated bastards. In addition, men lie women lie numbers don’t. HOV is #1 solo artist in HISTORY! Unlike you he will live on in time. Your little internet comments will rot away in a couple of decades just like you and your patheic life.


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