Video: Jae Millz Reads Comments On The Internet

April 16, 2010 by Danny M

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Jae Millz tells Vlad TV in the video above that he reads most of the comments people leave on the websites and blogs.

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12 Responses to “Video: Jae Millz Reads Comments On The Internet”

  1. kobestrive4five Says:

    Fuck that first shit nigga


  2. big nasty Says:

    Millz is maddddd funny. hahahaha


  3. Mercedes Says:

    fuck what they talkin bout millz your hot!! hmm sexy you are…


  4. Zae Says:

    Jae millz is str8 up… 100 % you can tell.

    He kinda reminds me of 50cent … same attitude


  5. K-Freshz Says:

    …….yep…. my nigga is holdin down for da ny….. since BIGGIE died there really wasn’t a true lyricist from da ny… and i think that since then jae millz is the best spita from da ny, along wit nicki


  6. Dmoney$ Says:

    millz aint the best in the ny…. juelz is holdin it down hes a beast.. HOVA and Jay Electronica theres plenty of “spittas” from the there


  7. J$$ Says:

    Fuck all you haters J Millz and that Nigga Curren$y run muthafuckin NY fuck Juelz he cant see Millz YME all fuckin day if you aint YME or YMCMB then you aint shit. Remember that, Bitches.

    PS smoke treez 420 247 yeeeee


  8. J$$ Says:



  9. TFlan Says:

    Nigga Jay Electronica frum new orleans


  10. leesh Says:

    jaee milllz, u crazzyyy.. come to Pennsylvania asap.. we need young money back !!


  11. Baby Dee Says:

    Jae Millz gotta a point yo!!! NO ONE LIKES A HATER!! Haterz dnt got no friends so if u a hater u need 2 change ur ways ASAP!! Its actually is kinda confusin cause a hater wanna judge someone else when they cnt b tlkin cause they r NO WHERE NEAR betta den millz i mean relli??…… it makes no since its like jealousy or somethin else if u a hater explain it to me cause i’m confused Jae millz i Hott in his music and he is betta den yall so y yall hatin it confusin to me relli explain it!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. SQAUD__UP Says:

    Haha @j$$ ha curre$y is from new orleans ha n millz is tha shit fuck wit his lyrics no one fuckin wit him LETGOO ha if u ain’t YM/CM THEN U AIN’T SEEIN MONEY.. just a lil correction haha


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