Drake – Thank Me Later [Official Album Cover] x Interview With CNN

Drake Thank Me Later Official Album Cover

Here is the official front cover for Drake‘s “Thank Me Later” album dropping June 15th. The artwork was done by Darkie, who also made the So Far Gone mixtape cover.

Hit the jump to watch Drizzy‘s interview with CNN were he talks about women, Lil Wayne, getting panties and bras thrown at him on stage and more:

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22 Responses to “Drake – Thank Me Later [Official Album Cover] x Interview With CNN”

  1. Frank Says:

    Primero muhahaha


  2. blazinblunts Says:

    tight as hell


  3. Kameron King Says:

    Drake is real.


  4. Matheo Says:

    Nothing special i expected something better .


  5. Fliz Miz Says:

    i think it’s supposed to be 3d, evidently this cover will “make sense” with the whole packaging.


  6. CN9 Says:

    OMG, this album is fuckin terrible.. I was expecting something A LOT better.. When I first saw it I was almost sure it was a fake. Damn. Well whatever.


  7. Alenedwin Says:

    hes da shxt .. stop hatin


  8. Bryan Says:

    use the glasses 3D? Lol ^^


  9. Nickita :] Says:

    Drake is the shit. don’t talk like hes not. the shit he does..your far from it. hes exuberant in what he does. your just made you cant ever live up to him standards. hes soooo real he don’t even say he is. QUOTE: Being real is like being a women, if you have to say you are…your not. Point blank period. His music speaks to the soul. its what boggles his mind. Open yours.


  10. Nickita :] Says:

    srry its suppose to be +mad and +him in the second sentence :]


  11. lovalle Says:

    I hope its 3-D, that would be cool lol. Doubt it though


  12. Luiseezy F. Crazy Says:

    hell yea wayne didnt do shit wrong


  13. Karina Says:

    damn, ive made shit like this before lol he’s the next but this cover is lackin


  14. ThePuchowsk Says:

    Nickita, Drake is phony. He real name is Aubrey. Douchebag or what?
    “Aka young drug dealer
    Got purp, got kush, got pills got white
    In the trap all night with the hard and the soft”
    Wow he is hard huh?
    Drug talk, ahhahha, Big Man


  15. Ymtune Says:


    You must be the dumbest person i’ve ever come across on the internet. You claim Drake is phony by quoting lines that aren’t even his. How could you mistake his talent & lyricism with that of Waka Flacka. -__-

    Crawl back under your rock please


  16. Mus0 Says:

    Anyone miss last year drake, sick guy back den.
    After hearin Finding Your Love i doubt da album will be amazing.


  17. Yung Les TX Made Says:

    Kinda like tht obama pik found everywere idk its str8 i guess


  18. shae Says:

    Drake is one of the hottest rapers out ya’ll need to find something else to do because the stuff that he say is so real listen to the lyrics that he say he sayn stuff that no one else thought about. thank me later is going to #1 on the billboards . everybody don’t talk about shit on they songz no more but drake lines are insanely good but if you don’t like him stay off a fan website


  19. Homeboy Says:

    Drake is cool….Just can’t wait for the album to drop so I’d listen to the joint he has Jay-Z on….


  20. Zala Says:

    hey im 17 and wish to join the rap business but i live in jamaica any tips


  21. hehehehehe Says:

    i love drake.



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