Lil Chuckee – Free Weezy [Music Video]

June 26, 2010 by Danny M

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Check out the music video for Lil Chuckee‘s “Free Weezy” song from his upcoming mixtape, Charles Lee Ray, dropping on June 28th. Bigman filmed the video and if you missed the download for this track, you can check that out here! Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this music video.

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29 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Free Weezy [Music Video]”

  1. joe Says:

    he should change his name to Little Wayne


  2. KnockMeOut Says:

    This Video is just Str8 up Shit. sorry

    Free Weezy.


  3. Abass Says:

    haha joe thats a fun fact 😀
    An hell yea this vid was damn good! and Chuckee is damn good to rrap for his age, love what he is doin for YM
    Free Weezyy!

    Carnt w8 for him 2 get out!!

    And just haveta say hometeam won today GHANA!!<3 No offense to the americans tho (:
    YM!! 🙂


  4. Steve Says:

    straight up chuckie is so gay. he doesnt even rhyme. his style is wack as fuck. and hes 14.


  5. Briauna Says:

    i love diz song FR33 MY NIGGA W33ZY LOL ITZ TRUE 🙂 <3


  6. namzkered Says:

    lil chuckee is a horrible rapper you cant really get around that


  7. Real talk Says:

    Chuckee SUCKS I hate this nigga.
    @Joe don’t ever say that again.
    idk why wayne signed him………


  8. Bigsmoke Says:

    pussy joe fck u…the dude’s awesome!


  9. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    i love the video 🙂 the music video is on fire 🙂 and free weezy 🙂


  10. dwhatitisfresh Says:

    this video sucks ass you can hear him rapping and his lips are saying something else. horrible. FREE WEEZY NIGGA


  11. Nigratt Says:

    Lil Chuckee sucks ass hairy chodes. He is such an average lil rappa, y that fuck did weezy sign this UGLY ASS nigga. YM till i DIe bitchezz

    ps. they shoulda signed j.cole rather than this horse ass nikkah


  12. Nick mizener 8====D~~ Chuckee Says:

    Lil chuckees wack ass fuck
    words cant even explain
    how bad his music suck
    i wouldnt download his tape
    not even if i got paid 100 bucks
    if i ever see him on the streets
    hes shit outta luck
    cuz ill cap that quack ass bitch
    like muthafuckin duck
    throw his little nigger ass
    in the back off my truck
    then take him home put him on a cross
    and light him on fire till he melts into a pile muck


  13. waynespenis Says:

    ok let me first say
    i’ll murda chuckee anyday
    i’ll have my way
    with him
    cock and spray
    no missin
    main mission, dig a ditch and throw the kid in.
    shoulda killed the kid in the cradle
    when i was able
    shank him with a pin or staple
    dumb ass nigga thought sizzurp had maple.


  14. Matheo Says:

    From the back he look exactly like Wayne in Knockout video 🙂 vid is so so but intentions are important .


  15. disappointed Says:

    im not saying he doesn’t have any talent, but then again he doesnt even have his own style yet, youll never be a lil wayne. srry. prove me wrong though son.


  16. iDropKiidz V157 Says:

    LMAO does dis kid refuse to rhyme… damn it dont hav no part dat rhyme twist is alot betta den dis kid nd dey shoulda signd yung jinsu at least he rhymes [xbox live gamertag = sSK3tch V157] -wry- also i heard hes related to birdman so dats y dey signd him but damn come on hes weak


  17. carter Says:

    lol why does he not rhyme? he hella retardedd


  18. frega bao Says:

    Go Chukee that’s a nice n good idea do yo things man


  19. DON KIT Says:

    He looks like son of Birdman and Wayne =) No Homo


  20. Marrium Says:

    Honestly!! All of you haters need to STFU and get over yourselves! Stop hating on Lil chuckee! For god’s sake get a grip people, he’s only 14 years old! He may not be so good in the music business to you guys but atleast he seems like he’s working hard enough to prove to you annyoing people of how good he can actually be! This song is dedicated to lil Wayne, and i think he did amazing!! The song is really good, and all you guys get out of this is how much you guys hate him and how much you guys think he isn’t good?? really, if he WERE NEVER EVEN GOOD lil wayne wouldn’t even sign him on a record deal and he would’nt even become a rapper! But with his talent and effort, he was signed on and became famous unlike you guys! I love how he represents this song to weezy! i love both of them a lot, and i hope lil chuckee can pull of even gooder songs like these! So all of you people can shut up and stop posting this kind of shiz next time! They won’t get hurt from you hateful people, they’lll just laugh and ignore you and go on to their jobs. k bye<3 🙂


  21. Rounda Says:

    it is dull that my main homy is block( folks free weezy).
    this is a shyt.


  22. Dee Dee Says:

    Hol up……its smells like a hater….First of all to all tha haters. Fuck u and yall aint doin nothin but typin bs to get attention. If u dont like chuckee so much then dont bother to comment as simple as that. keep ya wack ass opinion to ya self. And actually his lip are sayin tha same thing as the rap. fuckers just cant see. What yall hatin for?? Aye y u mad? tell me y u mad!! All he ever do is sit back and count his cash 🙂 Obviously he is good if lil wayne signed em to young money. I personally say he a beast at what he do. He can most definately rap,, and all raps do not have to rhyme idiots. If thats what yall use 2 then listen to somebody else. Damn. And most of the hatin is because yall aint wit young money. U cant say 1 person is better than another in young money, Its not a competition. There fam. And please if any of yall haters seen chuckee then u wouldnt do nothin. So get real. Chuckee shuts it down for tha lil fake amatures in the game. And just 14 and rappin like this wait til he get older 🙂 signin out.. Dee Dee . Deuces……..


  23. Jeritzel Says:

    Ayeoo thts Hot 😀 FREE WEEZY ^^^ .
    To thee haters – – – if youu Think Lil Chuckee Sucks & youu Hate Em’Soo Much Den Why thee Fuck Youu CheckinG ^ on Him ? Likee STRAIGHT^ NiGGas Good
    Esspecially Fo’His aGe .
    Haterss _ – – – – FALLBACK .


  24. JR Says:

    Dee Dee and Marium are you fuckin deaf..this makes soulja boy look like biggie


  25. kenya Says:

    hhahahahhahahah jr thats funny as heck cuz soulja boy is as bad as chuckie nd he culd neva compare 2 biggie


  26. jyork23 Says:

    for whoever who hatin on lil chuckee fuck yall he got betta raps then some of these fake ass rappers FREE WEZZY



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