Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type (Feat Drake)

October 26, 2010 by Danny M

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Jamie Foxx Fall For Your Type Feat Drake

Remember Drake‘s “Fall For Your Typereference track ❓ Well it turns out that the record was for Jamie Foxx, and we now have the full CDQ version. You can stream/download the song below, and Drizzy also has a new rap verse!

Download: Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type (Feat Drake)

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12 Responses to “Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type (Feat Drake)”

  1. Wayneandlink Says:

    YOO thts my boi Drizzy now


  2. K-Freshz Says:

    ….yall do know that drake made his own full version to this, rite? it just didnt drop yet……and i really cant wait to here it, cuz jamie kinda messed this up!!!!! but im feelin drakes verse tho…he did his thang!!!!!


  3. blackhero Says:

    k-freshz ,,,,,,drake made a snippet og this song he never said he was gonna make a his own full version and yea jamie and drake killed this song


  4. February'sVeryOwn Says:

    this shyt decent but drake sounded way better wen he made it


  5. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    nice. i love this song.drakes new verse is sick. free weezy 🙂


  6. Latishia Swan Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  7. drooleyadigg Says:

    drake’s one sounds alot better , no hard feelings jamie . and is there a FULL drake version coming out ? hetic ! cant wait . =]p


  8. K-Freshz Says:

    @blackhero……nah, im dead serious!!!!!! according to his ATF website he’s supposed to be comin out with his own full version…..he even said on a recent interview that he has “something special for that song”…..but idk. all i know is that if its true i really cant wait to here it!!!


  9. g-bumz Says:

    jamie’s sounds smooth..nice song


  10. aaron Says:

    K-freshz i think by something special, he meant this, which sucks cuz i want that full drake version if it exists!!


  11. YungNizzy14 Says:

    I like this record either way, Drake still killed it and Jamie knows he puts it down, they should do another track together FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!


  12. bo60006 Says:

    why don all yall get off drakes dick yu know dam well he cant sing like jamie this version is the best and i already heard da other one … Wac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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