Lil Chuckee – Airplanes (Remix) [Music Video]

March 3, 2011 by Danny M

Music Videos

Check out the official music video for Lil Chuckee‘s “Airplanes” remix above. This song appeared on Lil Chuckee‘s Rapper’s Market 2 mixtape, and the visual was directed by Bigman with Chuckee doing the editing. Thanks for the love at the end of the video too!

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14 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Airplanes (Remix) [Music Video]”

  1. gilbert Says:

    first song lil c…rocked


  2. jose Says:

    he need to stop saying “yeahhh” so damn much.


  3. DanYMCMB4ever Says:



  4. ricardo laguna Says:

    chuckee te admiro demasiado hermano desde venezuela


  5. lilweezyfan1 Says:

    nice video. and chuckee is awsome 🙂 and sick song 🙂


  6. shakoya Says:

    wrd chuckee?


  7. Lucky- Charms!!! Says:

    Hey this is a preety gewd song…….Lil Chuckee you go hard! keep it up, you are a very inspiring kid.


  8. zadainer Says:

    this is a very inspiring piece. it’s great


  9. TJ Says:

    Chuckee i hate u bt dis z a gud song. 1 thng u need 2 do z stp prtndng as if u are lil wayne. nigga u wl never b lyk weezy but anyway lil twist z better dan u


  10. T.B Says:

    Greetings from Latin America, Santiago, Chile Bro!


  11. Lucky- Charms!!! Says:

    tj dnt be hatting on lil C………he aint trying to be like him, he has his own thing going on….n to me he is like a mix beetween lil wayne n t-pain


  12. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    @TJ, keep your own hating to yourself, he dont care for you, u probably dont got life for yourself, like he said in the song, the haters keep hating, he gets more bucks. Twist, his voice is like annoying…he tries but, chuckee has more swagger and is more mature, twist i feel is still trying to be confident and shit, chuckee is confident, and does his thing, and for you TJ, u will be ashmed when one day, he becomes better than wayne!!! WTH is with u dawg, u dont even know him and you are like “I hate you”…damn ass nigga



    for all thats hatin on my b.f. STOP HATIN


  14. Young D Says:

    This song aint all that but the vid is dope


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