Drake Set To Star In Next Ice Age Film

April 27, 2011 by Danny M

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Drake Set To Star In Next Ice Age Film

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are getting animated. The superstars have been tapped to lend their vocal talents to 20th Century Fox’s Ice Age: Continental Drift, joining a cast that includes Keke Palmer, Jeremy Renner, Aziz Ansari, and Wanda Sykes in the fourth installment of the franchise.

The animated film, set for release on July 13, 2012, also sees actors Queen Latifah, Ray Romano, Denis Leary, and more reprising their roles from previous films. J.Lo is slated to play Shira, a sabre toothed who catches another tiger’s eye, while the Young Money rapper will voice a character named Ethan, according to Deadline.com.

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13 Responses to “Drake Set To Star In Next Ice Age Film”

  1. ziggy Says:



  2. Aughh Says:

    Why doesn’t he stop fucking with movies and work on some bloody music for the fans.


  3. EasyBreezy Says:

    @Aughh you might want to know that Take Care is coming out later this year.


  4. WayneManiac Says:

    This shud be fun 😀


  5. Shizzle97 Says:

    @Aughh Dont u know that hes dropping an album sometime September! He already made music for the fans, thats y he made an album. Get your facts straight, dumb ***! If your not a true fan, dont come on the webite.

    Praaaaaaaaperr, wouldn’t mind watching this movie…

    Follow on twitter: @Shizzle97


  6. paddy Says:

    ha rofl, first Gears Of War 3.. now Ice Age 4?? WTF


  7. Ty'Ron Says:

    Man this nigga is wasting his time with shit man for he really needs to be making more music, I havent heard anything new from him in a while and this tha shit hear, come on Drake man


  8. LA Says:

    Can u say balling? this movie gross over 300 million dollars! shit if i could i would do the same, especially when u can make more doing movies than making album! i also heard drake growing a beard and hair out for another movie coming out next yr.


  9. @tune Says:

    yeah a movie about osama bin laden


  10. GrimGrey Says:

    @paddy no first acting (Degrassi)…then rapping…then back to acting..


  11. Carter IV Says:

    Yeahh he was supposed to star in a film starring Al Pacino called “Arbitrage” but he said dat he’ll be working on his album instead


  12. Jesus Lopez Says:

    ymcmb take over!!!


  13. armani Says:

    heyyyyyy guyz this nigga knows how to do his shit………kkkkkk


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