Video: Tyga Gives Diddy $10,000 Custom Silk Robe

May 1, 2011 by Danny M

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For part of TygaTV, Tygaman gives Diddy a $10,000 custom silk Versace robe as a gift for letting him be apart of the “Coming Home” tour.

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6 Responses to “Video: Tyga Gives Diddy $10,000 Custom Silk Robe”

  1. ikita Says:



  2. LA Says:

    Damn that just stupid. i wonder did he get pay for touring wit him?


  3. trueff Says:

    ^ What kind of question is that??! ” OOhHhH I WoNdEr If hE GoT PaiD FoR ToUrInG” LMAO of course you dense nigga….. dudes touchin millions. link to prove =


  4. LA Says:

    ^Dumb fuck he could be touring for free to build up his brand retard! SMH He got baby money.


  5. Philip Says:

    Just stupid. Diddy’s worth nearly $500 million. Tyga’s worth, at most, $3 million, and he shells out $10 grand to give Diddy a damn Versace robe? Pfffttt, talk about brown-nosing.


    • LAST Says:

      seriously i dont know what he did that 4, eish, i feel embarrassed on his behalf.


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