Did You Know Lil Wayne Once Cut Off One Of Lil Chuckee’s Dreads?

June 30, 2011 by Danny M


Did You Know Lil Wayne Once Cut Off One Of Lil Chuckees Dreads

GlobalGrind caught up with Lil Twist on the green carpet of the 2011 BET Awards. Twizzy dished about being kidnapped by Lil Wayne, Young Money prank wars and of course, his infamous strip club pictures. You can read the short interview below:

How has it been touring with Lil Wayne?
Man, it’s been nothing but fun. He’s a person I’ve been looking up to for a minute. Wayne took me in at a young age, so he’s family to me.

Do you play pranks on Lil Wayne while on tour or hanging out?
Sometimes. [laughs]

Has Lil Wayne ever played a prank on you?
Yeah, the tour before last, I sprayed Wayne with a BB gun and he got us back big time.

Did Wayne get you back right away or did he wait until he thought you forgot?
Oh, he got us back right away. He kidnapped us and everything. Then he cut off one of Lil Chuckee’s dreads. Man, it was crazy!

Do you ever prank Lil Wayne while he’s sleeping?
No. We do not want to mess with Wayne while he’s sleeping. [laughs]

There was a picture of you and Lil Wayne in the strip club and you we’re grabbing a stripper’s booty. Tell me how that night was for you?
That night was amazing man! That was my alter ego Twizzy F., who was hanging out with Weezy F. and we were doing what those two guys do. [laughs]

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4 Responses to “Did You Know Lil Wayne Once Cut Off One Of Lil Chuckee’s Dreads?”

  1. Phoenix'Lanay Says:

    Uh …. ok …. he’s silly …. && may need to be check out ( last comment about his alter ego ) but he’s still a lor cutie


  2. ivan Says:



  3. Teeeheee Says:

    haha, they are sooo funny !


  4. young code fresh (south africa bitch) Says:

    Wow!!! Dat sound crazy,funny(an kinda creepy) just by reading the headline!!! LMFAO!!


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