The Weeknd – The Zone (Feat Drake)

August 19, 2011 by Danny M

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The Weeknd The Zone Feat Drake

The Weeknd dropped his Thursday mixtape last night, and on the tape was a Drake feature! The song Drizzy appears on is called “The Zone“, and you can stream/download it below:

Download: The Weeknd – The Zone (Feat Drake)

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15 Responses to “The Weeknd – The Zone (Feat Drake)”

  1. max Says:



  2. rrrosh Says:



  3. Dank Says:

    Weeknd is one guy not “their” like u said danny


  4. Daknite Says:

    damn this nigga ugly.


  5. fuckyou Says:

    the fuck is wrong with dude ?

    is he taking a shit in that picture ? mr pink gums

    he looks like wrinkled up piece of paper with fucking fat eyebrows on it goddam


  6. blackhero Says:

    lmao wow that was lame as hell ^^^


  7. ovoxo Says:

    lyrics ?


  8. ovoxoplx Says:

    lyrics somebody ?


  9. Name (required) Says:

    xo till i overdose


  10. we Says:

    drake ur hair looks lyk brnt vegetables ur teeth look lyk u sucking weezy’s dick ; u fuckin gay go get a gay tatoo u shud hve lose bowells frm gettin fucked by weezy. u shud get a hair cut or it will BE OVER for u your face looks like a curcumsized dick


  11. bknyhustle Says:

    wow danny…really? you an ass for using that pic bro…out of all his great pics thats the one you deem fit for the post… but its too funny tho lol

    *secretly send goons to Danny’s crib*


  12. lennie Says:

    wow why r yall dissin mi boy lik that man he mite jus look lik that in that pic but u no he doesn’t look lik that for real luv drake


  13. heather Says:

    theres something wrong with all you haters because drake is better than you all say and it’s not like ya’ll don’t make stupid faces like what? eff you haters!


  14. Rachel Says:

    Lmao at the people talking shit about drake, you niggas are fucktards. He’s a shit ton more successful than you isn’t he? I’d shut the fuck up if I were you. This song is the shit


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