Austin & Lil Chuckee’s “Champion” Record Will Be Played Between MMA Fights

August 25, 2011 by Danny M

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Austin & Lil Chuckees Champion Record Will Be Played Between MMA Fights Austin & Lil Chuckees Champion Record Will Be Played Between MMA Fights

Everi Exposure Entertainment (EEE) have started a new venture to give talented artists more of a chance to be heard in the entertainment industry, and they will pay the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters to promote new singles between their fights. One of the singles they have chosen to play between fights is Austin‘s “Champion” featuring Lil Chuckee. You can read the full article from Yahoo below, and they also say they will shoot a music video for this single in early September.

Sydney MacDonald, CEO of talent management company Everi Exposure Entertainment (EEE) and partner Mike Malast, considered the “young Don King” of fight promotion and CEO of MMA Melee, today announced the kick-off of their new venture sponsoring professional fighting matches combined with live performances by top-notch hip-hop acts.

The video and song “Champion”, a new release by Austin (featuring platinum-selling artist Lil Wayne protégé Lil Chuckee), will premier on the broadcast of a fight that was taped earlier this past August and propelled undefeated featherweight champion Jimy “The Kid” Hettes to UFC stardom. The matches and video, along with exclusive live performances, will air several times throughout September on Fox Sports network’s Fight Zone. The program has a potential audience of 47,000,000 viewers.

$3.5 million will be invested in this and several events over the next three years. The song has already been released on Lil Wayne’s Young Money/Cash MoneyHQ website. The video, featuring EEE-sponsored MMA/UFC fighters, will be shot Sept 3rd/Sept 4th in New York.

Austin will also perform “Champion” live on the next televised MMA Melee fight in November.

“I look to this partnership to be the wave of the future for supporting and motivating the fighters while increasing their audience, while at the same time opening new doors for artists. But even beyond that, it’s about exciting the fans”, says MacDonald.

“The potential for increased records sales, cross-marketing, creating new sponsors, generating additional revenue—the possibilities are enormous. Sony and Warner Brothers have expressed interest in coming on board”, he continues. “It’s a huge milestone for hip-hop music and the music business in general, an untouched market, and we’re one of the first to be involved in it.”

Sidney MacDonald has done projects with platinum-selling artists Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, P. Diddy, Trey Songz and Avril Lavigne. The talent he represents has been cast in over 100 major motion pictures, including Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Columbia.

He is also Head of Entertainment for both MMA Melee Fights and Martial Arts Super Sports (M.A.S.S). He sponsored undefeated MMA & UFC superstars, including Jay Haas and T. Rex Harris, who have been broadcast on various television networks including Comcast on Demand.

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