Torion & Cristal Cleer – How To Love [Music Video]

January 7, 2012 by Danny M

Music Videos

Check out the official music video for Torion and Cristal Cleer‘s “How To Love” cover above.

“Young Money” presents Lil Wayne’s hot music protege’ Torion and his duet remake with new Latina sensation, Cristal Cleer!

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15 Responses to “Torion & Cristal Cleer – How To Love [Music Video]”

  1. Garbage Says:

    Really people ?
    This is fucking horrible

    How s a 13 year old gonna talk about sex gahahha gtfoh

    Go play with action figures little nigguh and dont makr music no more


  2. DanYMCMB4ever Says:

    Does it ever occur to you weezy lost his virginity when he was 11 lol, not saying Torion has lost it already but…the generation even at 13 can probably talk about sex now… “young love” “young sex” hahaha, anyway he may not understand it all, but he is still practicing his ability to sing…and stuff.


  3. Y U Mad Says:

    Haters hate ^^ But the bitch sucks, Torion ight..


  4. Lucien Says:

    If torion is hitting that girl, then a major congrats to him


  5. That Kid Says:

    Damn she look good. I love me my lantinas 😉


  6. That Kid Says:

    Latinas *


  7. mrs sellers Says:

    torion is fuckin cute


  8. Tune(Man on the Moon) Says:

    torion kills it
    and that bitch damn


  9. Dmoney9106 Says:

    Terrible -__- wayne version was waaay better


  10. josh Says:

    latinas are so sexy


  11. Daniel Says:

    Why You Ppl Hating Torion’s Pretty Sikk He Still Has Alot To Learn But He Can Do alot


  12. YMCMB_Fan Says:

    Whoa they can both sing ! and i have no idea what that girl was saying but she was dope. BUT I STILL LIKE WAYNES VERSION WAYYYYY MOREEEEE. but this was good to dont get me wrong.


  13. 1YMCMB-Fan Says:

    ‘Why Some Of You Hating , They Were Both Great !
    ‘Hater , You All Just Jealous !
    <3 Real Talk


  14. kaiytlan white Says:

    hey lil wanye u are so sexy and i am to if anybody want to dtf call 3935600 and they better be fine and sexy they need to have flip hair andbbs and a sexy body and i dont look 13 put i look 17 and i could rock anybodys worlds so call plxzzzzzzzz


  15. kaitlan white Says:

    they are both good but not the girl and lil wanyne does it better and i i wish i was tht girl i would hit him all night girl when u have a change u better get while u can be for i get him


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