Ryan Legend – Whatchumad (Feat Flow) [Music Video]

February 19, 2012 by Danny M


Above, you can watch a music video for Ryan Legend and Flow‘s “Whatchumad” track. Now before you all get confused as to why I’m posting this, it is because Flow will be signing to Young Money this year. He has been affiliated with YMCMB for some time and YM are just waiting for the right time before they make the deal official. Flow was recently in the studio with Young Money‘s Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz, and was chilling with Mack Maine and Birdman yesterday.

Most of you will recognize him for his verse on Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape (which he murdered by the way), but he has been putting out music for a few years now. Flow‘s style is similar to Weezy’s with the tattoos and skateboarding etc. Oh and he is also affiliated with the blood gang.

You can view more info on Flow, listen to some of my favorite songs of his, and watch an interview were he was faded on the LilWayneHQ Forum. So Young Moneyians, what do you think about Flow ❓ Do you want me to post new music from him when it drops on this site, or not ❓

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40 Responses to “Ryan Legend – Whatchumad (Feat Flow) [Music Video]”

  1. young meck Says:

    post his best song let me hear him please never heard him before…


  2. hellz p. Says:

    He Aite Tho… Keep Us Post On His Hot Ish Only… Until He Official


  3. That Kid Says:

    Yeah post his bew stuff up Danny


  4. That Kid Says:

    Yeah post his new stuff up Danny *


  5. young meck Says:

    ok forget my last post… this kid go hard mayne whatchumad!!!!! kush so loud u can smell it thru the pro tools!!!!!!!!


  6. Abbo Says:

    Yeah danny! please do that!! 🙂 I already starting to like him!! 🙂


  7. Weezy_KB24 Says:

    Hell Flow THAT nigga, Everyday Iz Halloween one of the sickest mixtapes ever.


  8. WeezyXdriZZy Says:

    can u post some of his mixtape danny?
    i can’t find any of them =/


  9. YMCMB_Fan Says:

    DAYUM !!! This song is dope and Flow got mad swag !!! and his verse was dope! And that White boy was good to i cant even lie he kinda sounded like Drake when he said “You talk about yo new bitch how bout i just take yo new bitch introduce her to my new clique that mean yo new bitch yo old bitch and yo old bitch is my new bitch”

    Welcome to YM Flow


  10. Danny M Says:

    @WeezyXdriZZy – Have a read through that link I posted, you can see some links to download his solo mixtapes and mixtapes with his group – The Flamez.


  11. Erick Says:

    only thing i dont like was that ICP sweater thats fucken gay


  12. Nak nak Says:

    The white kid is better. Flow is a wannabe wayne


  13. tman81 Says:

    he got a mixtape on datpiff.com called heroic and two more called headphones and weedbongs part 1 and 2


  14. YMCMB_Fan Says:



  15. (C)rime Says:

    @Nak nak you cant say he a wanna be wayne…it just so happened that wayne came out first so now it look like Flow a wanna be. But what if Flow came out first then you saw Wayne come out 2nd then you would say wayne is a wanna be…


  16. tman81 Says:

    for those who didnt know, flow doesn’t say to many words with the letter c he will change it to the letter b, thats y he say on sorry for the wait that they went brazy when they heard i had a song with lil tunechi


  17. tman81 Says:

    also at the end of flow’s aaliyah freestyle track he say that he has bomton love instead of compton. he is a blood thats y he change the letter from a c to a b


  18. tman81 Says:

    i meant at the end of the welcome to my hood freestyle


  19. Red_is_dabes Says:



  20. Flamegang Says:

    For all FLOW music and his crew FLAME GANG/ the FLAMEZ on datpiff.com mix tapes include most popular HEADPHONES AND WEEDBONGS, STILL SMOKIN, and EVERDAY IZ HALLOWEEN. Also HEROIC pt. 1. Part 2 coming soon!!! Tellin y’all, y’all need to hop in his bandwagon. He sumthin nice and up there w/ the popular young money team members.


  21. vaimfromrussia Says:

    no bad


  22. younging Says:

    what his twitter acc name or his facebook name?


  23. Dig Bick! Says:

    was i the only 1 who noticed all those illuminati symbols….(bbm cant watch face)


  24. wARFARE Says:

    Flow Twitter Is


  25. FGM Says:

    justt lettin yall kmow i been listenin to FGM [flame gang music] which is who flow raps with and i love and he does go hard in this song but check out his mixtapes Heroic Vol.1 , Headphones & Weedbongs 1 and 2 , Still Smoking and Everyday iz halloween they killin shit


  26. flamez Says:

    just type in The Flamez on Youtube for more videos of them Flamez FGM


  27. ArthurDenner Says:

    The mixtapes and videos his and his group, The Flamez are here:



  28. Mike Says:

    Aye Yo Danny
    Speaking Of Flow
    Rapper Named Kevin Gates Will Be Signing To YMCMB….@Kevin_Gates….he has pics of him with Birdman & Lil Wayne On His Twitter


  29. Navarr_Ohhh Says:

    YO I’ve been listening to Flow since his first album came out How 2 Grind..Flow has been on that ski swag wayyyyyy before Wayne it just so happens Wayne is mainstream and we get to see everything he’s doing but Flow had that sway way b4 wayne like I said. This nigga is gonna be bigger than anyone on YOung Money

    btw check out his Headphones and Weedbongs Mixtape its all on YouTube. He has a few music videos too. But one you should def. check out is the Welcome 2 My Hood New Orleans edition….Flow murdered it and shows you where he from


  30. Navarr_Ohhh Says:

    sk8** not ski, and swag** not sway. niggas high my b


  31. butta Says:

    keep site n his music,,, he cold


  32. adam Says:

    Yeah keep postin his stuff he aigght !


  33. The Prodiji Says:

    i already know about flow been listening to him for like a year and a half what about some songs from this ryan legend dude?


  34. goon Says:

    this nigg reminds me of wayne hes gonna go hard man ima stick to flow now wayne fell off i miss the old wayne …flow got the cold ass lines weed smokin cold asss shit


  35. fts_kyle Says:

    been on flow since how 2 grind vol.1 but ayy fly tribe squad onna come up , follow me on twitter @fts_kyle get the latest up dates


  36. Itz_Rii0T Says:

    They killed that shit, Ryan Legend coming up. Being in the video is amazing.


  37. Vinnyy Says:

    1st post



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