Lil Twist “Don’t Get It Twisted” Official Album Cover

March 24, 2012 by Danny M

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Lil Twist Dont Get It Twisted Official Album Cover

Above, you can view the official front cover for Lil Twist‘s forthcoming Don’t Get It Twisted album, which will be released in stores on April 17th.

We should be getting the tracklist in 2 weeks and one more single before the album drops.

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15 Responses to “Lil Twist “Don’t Get It Twisted” Official Album Cover”

  1. DJ BASSCAL Says:

    looks like a mixtape cover but i like it


  2. Gdjal Says:

    Really ??
    Wich person older then 12 is interested in this little homo his crappy bullshit music ?


    • God Says:



    • marcus Says:

      dude he was raw when weezy took him in, ymcmb seen the talent and 6 years running with them has made lil twist into a mean rapper. lil twizzy gettin it done on DGIT.


    • Everyone Ever Says:

      There’s no more talent in this world, just a bunch of people who rhyme a bunch of words and make millions for some reason…….


  3. YMCMB_Fan Says:

    looks like a mixtape cover, no thought put into it what so ever…


  4. Christopher Says:

    Damn… I’m a twist but honestly this cover seriously could be redone by a 6 year old I guess defeat is an option when it comes to album but that tracklist better kill to make up for that cover..


  5. Segun Says:

    I luv it


  6. D'Shaun Says:

    Not the real cover… just a promo cover



  7. jon Says:

    i photoshop and this is shit. come on now… anyways music’s good TURNT UP!!!


  8. hamoud amour Says:

    YO i like twist’s music…but the album cover sucks i can do better than that…its an album so ymcmb better try harder than that for an album cover…That looks cheap


  9. Crystaltwist Says:

    CHILL TF OUT This is NOT the FINAL Cover!!!!!!! Don’t Get It TWISTED! 4.17.12


  10. Ak Says:

    did u notice the tornado in the lens of his shades


  11. Swede Says:

    No i am fucking blind


  12. kristi Says:

    I love it, he is so sexy!


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