Drake Admits He Has Used Drugs To Deal With Fame

April 1, 2012 by Danny M

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Drake Admits He Has Used Drugs To Deal With Fame

Drake recently confessed that he had been turning to drugs to help him cope with fame. Drizzy told The Guardian, a newspaper in the UK, that he had been taking prescription pills (mostly painkillers) and marijuana to help him deal with the pressure. You can read what he said below:

“You get artists in this position who go crazy and don’t know how to handle it. There are people who have killed themselves. There’s the overwhelming stress, how tired you are, the weight on your shoulders of going out there and giving 18,000 people entertainment… it’s a lot of pressure.

Have I sipped codeine before? Yeah, of course. Have I smoked weed? Yes. Do I drink wine? Yes. But do I do it excessively? No. I’m not a reckless guy. I do it all within moderation.”

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26 Responses to “Drake Admits He Has Used Drugs To Deal With Fame”

  1. GetGnarley Says:

    damn drizzy thats how it start


  2. Mr. Fly Says:

    wtf drake I’ve lost a lot of respect for you!!!!


  3. 187JoshM187 Says:

    No wonder he spittin harder then weezy nowadays, he sippin that sizzurp


  4. LilTunechi23 Says:

    Yall late bih, if u true listeners of drizzy u would obviously kno he sipped n burned


  5. efefewgrwg Says:

    He obviously does drugs you idiots.


  6. Yeah Says:

    i knew drake was soft, but i didnt know he was mentally weak and incompatible to cope with things without the use of drugs, what a weak person


  7. Kings Of All Kings Says:

    It’s got to be so stressful for drake to perform in front of thousands of fans sit on a tour bus all day get back to toronto And get more music out for his fans and earn money
    He’s got alot to do but taking drugs isn’t the right way to handle with it you just take it stride by stride I’d do that if I was a rapper


  8. pill master Says:

    Pills,weed,codeine= great mood!!


    • BeenThereDoneThat Says:

      Yep, excellent mood. It’s not until the addiction sets in and you realize you’re a slave to opiates and are just as bad as a heroin addict and you end up in rehab over and over and end up fighting to get clean, and then IF you finally do get clean you fight the urge not to relapse for the rest of your life. Yeah, excellent.


  9. erika Says:

    does not matter at least he is not killing himself with all the stress to b perfect if u r a true drake fan like i am u should not care what he needs to take to help him.


  10. viniiiiiii Says:

    whata fuck, 70% or more of these artist do weed, coke, painkillers all that shit, wh yall surprised?


  11. KiD-BoX-23 Says:

    wz pretty obvious dnt u thnk???? on “up all night’ he clearly said.. kush rolled glass full i prefer the better things


  12. Cool Kid Says:

    Yea the lean… thats why he spitting harder than wayne cos since wayne stopped sipping his standard of music has dropped..now i dont mean he should go sipping and get in jail.. BTW almost every rapper smokes weed… its like cocaine for rock and rollers..its aight as long as you don’t go crazy


  13. tony_montana Says:

    N01 haz evaa dieD from weeD!…..I’m surE he’s only sipped a few cups of syrup in hiz lyk so let’s stop mkin hm seem lyk an adict here!


  14. Nonnystarr Says:

    I am not 1 to judge, and I won’t because I have no idea what he is going through. But Drake needs to understand that he IS a role model and young kids look up to him. I’m pretty this isn’t the message that he wants to send out to his fans. I love him and I love his music, and I know young boys who look up to him and think that everything he does is just sssooo cool and they try to imitate what he does. I hope he gets past this “phase” and comes out a better and stronger person.


  15. Dope Says:

    How you gon lose respect for him just because he does drugs? it’s not like he aint said it in his music before, and he said he’s not reckless with it, he does them in moderation. so he’s good.


  16. aa Says:

    if you didnt know he did drugs then you dont listen to drake.


  17. Are you kidding me? Says:

    I can’t believe some of you people think that he does not do drugs? HE OBVIOUSLY DOES DRUGS, EVERY RAPPER DOES. He probably does ecstasy too. Listen to his music LOL.


  18. Bearven Says:

    Weed & Codeine is my inspiration,that’s why i need it.


  19. Truth Says:

    “Incense burning, smoking out to my own shit ”
    ” Two White cups and I got that drank could be purple, could be pink ”

    Some people just hear music, and don’t listen to it. Listening is knowing the artist, start listening to music instead of banging your heads to a good beat. Nuff Said


  20. Tevin davis Says:

    Damn dizzy y man I understand the fame I kno.the glory idc if you do drugs ill always be your biggest fan next to the best weezy


  21. Ayee,ILikeMustaches Says:

    Doing Drugs Or Not , Drakes Still Amazing.

    -Yeeah Im A REAL fan<3


  22. Drake lover Says:

    I still love Drake. Imma marry him one day <3


  23. Beeanoz Says:

    Lol whoever compared weed to coke is a straight dumbass



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