Drake Falls On Stage While Performing In Birmingham, England [Videos]

April 20, 2012 by Danny M

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Drake’ fall is around the 1:30 mark.

While performing “Take Care” in Birmingham, UK last night (April 19th) at the LG Arena on his “Club Paradise” tour, Drake tripped and fell on stage. It wasn’t as bad as his fall in 2009 though, which was when he tore his ACL on the “I Am Music” tour with Lil Wayne and had to drop out. This time, instead of staying down he played it off by doing a somersault back to his feet! Check out the video above to watch Drizzy‘s fall, as well as another video after the jump.

Drizzy Drake is next performing in Liverpool on April 22nd at the Echo Arena. I’ll be attending that show and I can’t wait!

Drake’ fall is around the 1:20 mark.

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9 Responses to “Drake Falls On Stage While Performing In Birmingham, England [Videos]”

  1. Laura Says:

    It’s all about the recovery.. I’ll see you in Liverpool!


  2. Tygamania Says:

    Ha, gotta respect how he played it out like a boss


  3. Hajahaf Says:

    Tahts what you get for hopping around like a teenage girl

    When you coming out the closet drake ?
    Your so obviously gay

    its almost sad your trying to act so hard like your not


  4. erin howard Says:

    lol made me chuckle


  5. MinniMunch Says:

    He Did a good job fixing it. if u ask me. plz get me into young money i can rap


  6. MinniMunch Says:

    Btw i know what my last comment said now dont hate i can spit em way better than u hatas *if u got hatas u doin somethin right*


  7. ♥Nicki♥ Says:

    He forever falling on a stage i swear >_>…aint this like his 2nd or 3rd time doing that shit…


  8. LOL Kidd Says:

    ha.. nice how he played it off 2 check out my Youtube page i dance and rap but my rapin vidz not on there #SWAGG


  9. JCarter Says:

    LOL dat nigga had dat “OH FUCK!!” expression on his face right before he hit da ground


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