Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party [Pictures]

April 23, 2012 by Danny M


Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party

Here are some photos of Drake attending his official “Club Paradise Tour” after-party at Circo Nightclub in Liverpool, England on April 22nd. I attended this party myself, but they wouldn’t let anyone get close to Drizzy, which sucked. Drake‘s tour manager CJ Gibson was outside the club though and he was real cool. Hit the jump to view more pics!

Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party

Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party

Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party

Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party

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17 Responses to “Drake Attends Circo Nightclub In Liverpool For Official After-Party [Pictures]”

  1. KGBLOOD Says:

    HOOLLYYY SHHHIITT ………….. i have dat shirt


  2. Truuuuu Says:

    Who is the dude in the first pic in the grey jacket?


  3. ste Says:

    im from huyton and i been circo a few times and the club is horrible….the bouncers are cunts too!! i highly reccomend you dont visit that club when your are in town.

    shouts to drizzy tho, ymcmb!!!


  4. fish Says:

    I would of thought Drake would of hired a stylist by know….


  5. Gemma Scott Says:

    @fish Supeme is swag what you talking about

    @Truuuuu that is Hush from OVO


  6. YMCMB Says:

    Lol he must have to tan alot, He looks darker on other picture.


  7. marty Says:

    what a sham an scam he didnt even attend – these pictures were taken while all the INNOCENT PEOPLE who bought tickets for this event were at his concert, unbeknown to them he wasnt going to be attending the after party CARL MCCORMICK – manager of ROCKSTAR ENT – ripped over 800 people off! JOKE! DRAKE WASNT IN CIRCO WHEN EVERYONE CAME FOR HIS AFTERPARTY! THERE WAS A DOUBLE ASWELL HA ALL JOKES! so stop posting ur pictures making out he was you know the truth!


  8. graham perry Says:

    circo is one of the worst clubs in liverpool. it had bad reviews everywhere.


  9. megan Says:

    i touched him!!!!!!!


  10. carl mccormick Says:


    Rockstar Ent would like to announce the further statement.

    We are extremely disappointed at the way things turned out at the Drake aftershow party last Sunday at Circo in Liverpool.

    We are at this time speaking with Drakes management to find a solution to rectify the people that are upset with Drake non acknowledgement of the people inside the venue that he Drake was “Hosting”.

    Just to set the record straight Drake did appear into Circo via back entrance (not a double) into the vip on this night and straight into a vip were his personal security demanded lights were switched off.

    Once again we have been in touch with Drakes organisation and in time we will be in touch of the outcome.

    Rockstar are once again extremely sorry for this and we never at all intended things to go the way they did at this event.

    You will once gain hear from us very shortly

    Also myself I am not a con artist I have never conned any of my public coming to my parties DRAKE WAS AT CIRCO!!! Please refrain from the “Con artist” this is not fair! Myself and my company paid $44,000 for Drakes to appear and host this night!!! If anyone is to blame its Drakes people which we are sorting out with right now


  11. carl mc Says:

    Marty you haven’t got a clue mate that’s if your mame is Marty or some other club promoter trying to stir trouble as I’m thinkin that’s what it is!!!

    Refrain from your comment or you’ll end up in the courts through your isdn number on here as its tracked already as a name that’s not Marty!!! People please understand that we gave people of Liverpool what they wanted and were deeply sorry that you never got what should habve been! ANNIE please do the same as this is unfair treatment! Thank you


  12. charlotte Says:

    Just to put the record straight, I worked this night! I work for rockstar ent! And I can assure you that drake WAS there and carl is NOT a con artist! You should all get your facts straight before you start jumping to conclusions, if the blame is on anyone its on drakes shit management and security! The night was a disaster but this was down to drake and his team! Carl worked his ass off to make it work and unfortunately drakes team didn’t co-operate!


  13. Robin Chase Says:

    I went to this event paid part of 5 grand for a table in the drake vip, waited to get into the venue in rain! Once inside Carl was a great host making sure we had what we needed. We did reach it into the vip although Drakes very own security ripped apart my Gold vip band later on only for Carl to replace the band and get me into the vip again with my girlfriend as we were sharing a table in the corner with my friends from Bradford!
    DRAKE was there but sat in the middle of his friends all night long with the lights down! He was given the mic on time which I witnessed but refused to go on as his security took the Mic away from him!!!!! It wasn’t a double it was him!
    Do not blame the promoters as they I feel done an amazing job getting Drake there and as I understand from one of Drakes camp Drake didn’t want to do an afterparty in Liverpool as he was advised of the gangster nature there!! But carl and his team talked them into this party paying a major substantial amount of money! This was not a con but the only people got conned were rockstar I feel from Drakes camp not giving circo people a appearance from outside the vip!
    Chill people and find out facts before slating the good people


  14. Lynn Says:

    oh yeah liverpools gangster nature oh please


  15. kerrie Says:

    a complete shambels from the off set. door men not letting VIP ticket holders into building, left standing in the rain for over an hour. then once inside told the Vip area was full and could only get access if someone left. waited in a queue for over 2 hours drenched!!! i demand a refund.


  16. kerrie Says:

    i absolutely blame both rockstar entertainement and circo, totally oversold on tickets causing a health and safety issue.

    any staff that were sub contracted also.

    so many people left because they couldnt get in.


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