Lil Twist Talks About His Upcoming “Don’t Get It Twisted” Album, Touring & More

July 12, 2012 by Danny M


Lil Twist Talks About His Upcoming Dont Get It Twisted Album, Touring & More

Last Friday, Sofiya Ballin from JUMP interviewed Lil Twist at his meet and greet session at Ubiq Life on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They discussed Twizzy touring with Mindless Behavior, his forthcoming Don’t Get It Twisted album, working with Justin Bieber, his YMCMB family, his mother listening to his lyrics, why Andre 3000 is his favorite rapper, where the name Lil Twist comes from, the craziest thing that happened to him on tour, catching fans eating his leftover chicken wings, and more.

You can read the full interview below:

I heard this isn’t your first time in Philly?
No. I been to Philly so many times.

Really? What do you like about it here?
I love Philly. Philly always just shows love and there’s always a great reaction when I’m out here as team Young Money Cash Money.

How’s the tour with Mindless Behavior so far?
It’s dope. Tonight is actually my first night performing with them. I saw them last night. They were amazing. Mindless always puts on a great show. I actually got to see Jacob Latimore last night and he killed it, so it’s gonna be a fun show. They always have their stuff together.

This is going to be my first time seeing you perform. What can I expect to see?
Umm…wildness! It’s going to be amazing. There’s going to be energy. I’m going to be performing a lot of songs from my fans know from back then and some of my new stuff.

What goes through your mind before you hit the stage?
Nothing really. I just hope that I’m not too cold.

I can’t be cold or I’ll be shaking. I got to be in a warm environment. Other than that, I pray. Got to be warm and pray… and I’m good.

Tell me about your Dallas middle school/high school tour.
That was crazy. I was on that for a minute and it was just fun to see all my younger fans. The majority of them were younger than me. It was great. They just showed a lot of energy and they showed a lot of love. I went and visited a few classes, spoke to them and everything was great.

Was it a little weird because you’re around the same age and you’re giving advice?
Nope. I was only visiting music classes and letting them know that they can do this, and not to doubt themselves. I would tell them that people would doubt me when I was in school and I told them they could do it.

When you perform, what does it feel like when these girls are mouthing your lyrics and screaming your name in the audience?
It’s great! I mean, I’ve worked hard for it. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I think Twitter and social networking really took it to another level. I think that helped a lot. It’s a great feeling knowing that they they download my mixtapes and that they know my music.

Where do you want to go from here?
Right now, I’m focusing on dropping Don’t Get It Twisted. I’ve actually been adding songs, scratching songs adding new songs with Lil Wayne and Nicki (Minaj). It’s been hard coming out with this album because I want to make it a classic. I want to come out and do great.

Tell me about the sound of this album.
It’s very versatile. Very universal. I have different sounds – rock sounds, pop sounds. Justin Beiber’s on there.

How’s it working with him?
Justin? That’s my little brother. That’s one of my best friends. Working with him, it’s always just fun. Every time we get together it’s work but we’re having fun and it doesn’t even seem like work.

When you talk about YMCMB, you refer to Drake as your big brother, Nicki as your big sister. Is it really like a family?
It’s nothing more than that. It’s only a family. My brother Lil Wayne, I’m the closest to him. But as far as the whole fam goes and me calling everyone else sister and brother, it’s just because we’re so close. When we come together, it’s really like family. It’s never business.

What’s it like when your biological family comes to shows?
When my mom wants to come, she flies out. My sister came on tour with me last year when I was on tour with Tyga.

Does it get awkward when they hear some of your lyrics?
No. I’ve been rapping for 11 or 12 years and my mom saw me going from not even using profanity to using profanity. She had to go along with that. So no, it’s not hard anymore. When she first heard my album – the one you haven’t heard yet – she was definitely shocked. She walked out of the session.

What’s the craziest thing to happen to you on tour?
Wow, man. A lot of crazy things happen but what’s the craziest thing? A few times in hotels, fans found out where I was staying and they would ask where Christopher Moore, which is my real name, was staying. They figured out which room I was in and they were running past the door, knocking on the door. I had the leftover room service from the night before out on the floor and they were eating the chicken wings that I ate. I called security and they got them out.

Wow! Is that scary or flattering?
It’s both. It was crazy at first when they were running up and down the hallway but when I saw them eating the chicken wings, I was like alright, this is overboard.

You said Andre 3000 is your favorite rapper. What’s it about Andre?
He’s unique. His style is off the wall. He just doesn’t care and he raps off the chain. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet but once I do, the world will know.

Where did the name Lil Twist come from?
It’s a funny, weird story. I used to try to get braids when I was younger but my mom always used to give me these little twists. I was trying to rap at the time so my cousins thought they were being funny by calling me Lil Twist. It’s stuck since then.

Photo via Sharon Calvin.

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