Cory Gunz – Stacks On Deck

August 1, 2012 by Danny M

New Music

Cory Gunz Stacks On Deck

Cory Gunz gives HHDX the green light to release his new song called “Stacks On Deck“. You can listen and download the araabMUZIK-produced track below:

Download: Cory Gunz – Stacks On Deck

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26 Responses to “Cory Gunz – Stacks On Deck”

  1. diroflow Says:

    wassup wit flows mixtape?


  2. diroflow Says:

    awh wtf .. thanks.


  3. anonymous Says:

    come on man you betta than this. You need to get back on your lyrical ish and stop with all this commercial ish. whatever this is for his mixtape so it probably wont be on the radio anyway.


  4. CORYISILL Says:

    Um fuc u annyoumous or wateva,cory killed dis track! cory has only gotten betta,hop off his dick


  5. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    Listen,honestly I’m tired of reading your comments on all corys music,your crappy oppinions on how you feel about he can do betta n crap,jus hop off his dic,save your 2 cents,he cant rap the same all the freaking time,i think this side of cory is the ignant side n its fuggin awesome no one cares about how u feel


  6. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    Cory killed dis!! The new gunna is a fuggin beast!!! anonymouse hop off his dic,save ya 2 cents 9/10 people love da new gunna,get a life


  7. anonymous Says:

    if ts so great why nobody hears his music you a** whole. you simple minded biooootch.

    cole world baby.


    • Anthony Davis Says:

      How many years did it take for cole to get out 2 or 3 years exactly in a year or 2 he will be out…


  8. anonymous Says:

    its anonymous trick


  9. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    Anonymous STOP RIDIN CORY,He cant just jump out like no matter how good u r,it takes time like j cole did fuckin stupid ass hoe, u prolly like 10 , ps. u comment on his shii discussing how u feel when he gettin money,he wouldnt give 2 fucks u died today


  10. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    he also has his own show on mtv biich a good amount of people know bout him at da moment


  11. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    go fuc yourself, get tf off dis site if u dont like da artists otherwise ENJOY THE FUCKINNN MUSIC STOP COMPLAININGGG!!!


  12. anonymous Says:

    1st of all bitches cory is my favorite rapper. 2 nd i do know about his show and i cant wait for season 2. 3rd of all bitch i never once said i didnt like the artist, so you go f*** yourself. And 4th of all, all of yah riding my dick by responding to my opinions. I neva once cursed anybody out on this site because they had a different view. that goes to show yah on his d when he dont even know yah, yah fighting his battles for him yah losers.

    ps he got the talent, nobody spits like he does. He the best in ym, could potentially be the best out(if he ever gets out), but he aint going to do it with these rhymes. Bumb ass niggas yah dont know what rap is yah listen to that garbage nowadays. Yah need to step yah dick up.


  13. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    juss fuc u wayne isnt garbarge neither is drake gtf


  14. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    n step yo dic up hoe


  15. anonymous Says:

    Shit the beats be hot. but he even admitted in an interview that he feels sometimes pressured to dumb down his lyrics for yah dumb asses cause when he was relly spittin nobody wanted to listen. i did of course, but yah niggas with yah 2nd grade brains wasn’t there fore you cant tell me nothing like kanye said.

    cole world baby (J cole) another hot nigga out right now, but he should be getting more shine than he even is now, not them wack ass niggas like lil wayne and rick ross that yah listen to.


  16. anonymous Says:

    Nobody said drake was whack you illiterate fool, drake is nice. way better than wayne.


  17. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    wayne n rick ross aint garbage u sound dum…o wat u a girl no shii


  18. DaGirlAnonymousSucks Says:

    juss gtf bout rap u a female unless u nicki minaj save ya 2 cents bout ross n wayne cuz everyones loves dem


  19. New York Productions Says:



  20. anonymous Says:

    lil wayne use 2 b nice, he trash now. Rick ross dont be talkin bout shit but chicken and food. Everyone thats ignorant like you like them. but niggas like me like niggas like jay z j cole nas canibus 2 pac wale and cory gunz. Tell me anyone i listed is whack and ill smack you in yo motha mouth. the niggas yah like is trash. i dont have to be nicki minaj 2 know rap. it proves you are stupid. you sayin beacause i cant rap and im a female i dont know rap. The people that be producing and giving these niggas opinions about what sound riht and what would be good for their music, you think they could rap. no sir

    “step yo dick up”


  21. theraflu Says:

    anonymous do u have a facebook or sum?


  22. anonymous Says:

    No sir. why?


  23. theraflu Says:

    cuz u sound smart i bet your pretty hot


  24. anonymous Says:



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