Birdman & Mack Maine Speak On The YMCMB Label & Their Upcoming Projects

August 15, 2012 by Danny M


Birdman & Mack Maine Speak On The YMCMB Label & Their Upcoming Projects

VIBE caught up with the YMCMB bosses Birdman and Mack Maine during PJ Morton‘s show at the Canal Room in New York on August 8th for an interview. They talked about their roster, what it takes to sign with the label, why they signed PJ Morton, what upcoming projects they are going to drop this year, and Baby‘s upcoming album. You can read the full interview after the jump.

VIBE: It seems like Cash Money is signing new acts every day, how are you able to keep the line-up fresh?
Birdman: We’ve been trying to find the best talent that we can find. PJ is the first act off of my nephew Mack label and he’s in conjunction with Young Money Cash Money. It’s really about empowering them. They’re all entrepreneurs. We all have a gift for talent and really expanding the brand. My nephew has been around since he was a kid around not just me, but my brother Wayne and I just think he was ready to explore his label. I think it was a great pick. I’ve been heard of PJ and I saw his talent and I was amazed by it.

What does it take to be a part of Cash Money?
Birdman: Talent. We try to find the best talent possible that we can find. It’s no certain one thing. If you have the talent, the heart, the drive, the dedication, that’s what we’re based on: loyalty, family, and just working hard.

What do you exactly look for in an artist?
Birdman: I look for creativity. When you find an act, with not a big budget, it be straight with them being created. With PJ there was just something—there was just raw talent. With our ability, we’re going to make it look better.

Mack Maine: PJ’s a lane and a type of music that we don’t have at Young Money, so it was a no brainer. With him being from New Orleans, him being a good person, and making great music, it was a no brainer.

How does PJ cater to the growth of your label?
Birdman: I have my label. I feel like to have a label last long, to watch my peers and a lot of people who have done this before me, doing me, it’s good not to have a lot of the same talent. Everybody’s rapping about the same thing. Everybody’s making the same kind of music and I think PJ brings a totally different art to our brand. Totally different and that’s what I love about it.

Mack Maine: We do music. You gotta think, he comes from a Gospel background. His music to me is like soul/R&B, the music that he makes. He calls it ‘love music.’ It’s not secular, and he’s on the road with Maroon 5, so you gotta think. He’s getting all those different genres of lanes together. He brings something to the table that none of the artists on our label do right now. A difference is what he brings.

Have you ever had incidents where an artist hasn’t popped liked they were supposed to?
Birdman: A lot of that. That’s what the business is about. It’s like a gamble. You never know. But it doesn’t stop anything. It makes me keep striving and if you believe artists, you stick with it. Keep trying, keep growing and keep working everyday hard and believing in it. It’s like a never ending road. Everybody don’t hit. We understand that. Some are young that we have to groom and grow. It might not be his time or her time, but you stick with it.

With everything that’s going on with Cash Money (the Red One conjunction, Mack Maine Soothe Your Soul Entertainment label, etc.), what can we expect from the label during tail end of 2012?
Birdman: We have Khaled’s album coming out this month, Kiss the Ring. We’re going to put a Bow Wow album out this year. We’re going to put something out on Twista. Wayne got an album coming out. Nicki’s doing something different for the end of the year. Drake is back in the studio. Myself, I’m working on a project. Limp Bizkit will be dropping a record in the next few weeks. We have a lot of new acts we’re working on. Tyga’s back in the studio working on his next project. Shanell has a new project coming out on Monday. She just shot a new video. I really think Shanell is going to be something special. We’re just going to keep striving—to just keep growing an expanding our brand and do as much as we can handle.

It’s been a while since you released a solo album. What can fans expect from Cash Money’s commander in chief?
Birdman: Well, I just basically do me. Me and Wayne are going to start working on our “Father Like Son Part II.” But, with my music, I just be myself and speak about my life, how I live and what I want out of life. My dedication and my focus is on my team, and trying to end up as big as possible. I love what I do, what I did in the business, and I continue to do what I did, but they my future; and I understand and I know that and that’s my whole strive of life and the life of my team.

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  1. Babsie F Says:

    most these things aint dropping this year and we all know that i mean how long are waiting on umderrated there still not even a date and once the date comes the album will either be delayed for a couple of months when last did we get something from ymcmb on time. i mean you cant count sorry for the wait.


  2. Young Money Soldier Says:

    gonna put something out on Twista?
    does he mean Busta? haha


  3. jez hey zlald Says:

    lil twist niggeeer


  4. YOOOOO Says:



  5. Lil booi Says:

    Birdman words r trully expred me he is a real deal businessman YMCMB baby


  6. Im trying to reach bird man, im not askn for a hand out or anything. Im trying to find out if bird man and slim, are related to my mom E.Williams. Says:

    Im trying to reach birdman and slim. Im not looking for a hand out. My mom has been trying to find her nephews, they were born in chicago, but was given away by their mom to a friend, who took them to new orleans and raised them. If this message reaches you please feel free to call at 773-664-7943 sincerely E. Williams


  7. Melissa Says:

    I’m in!!!!!!!!!!! Find me… :)))


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