Nicki Minaj Flips Out On Mariah Carey During “American Idol” Auditions [Video]

October 3, 2012 by Danny M

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Nicki Minaj flipped out on Mariah Carey at the judging table during the American Idol auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday. According to TMZ, the disagreement started over a contestant’s performance. The producers of the TV show had to end the auditions early, so that the two judges could go home and cool down. Check out what went down in the video above.

“I told them I’m not fucking putting up with her fucking highness over there”

Get ’em Nicki!

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13 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Flips Out On Mariah Carey During “American Idol” Auditions [Video]”

  1. wtf Says:

    mariah just jealous nicki got more money to be a judge on this show than her, that her albums dont sell as mich as nickis, that she is older and getting more ugly than nicki, and that nick cannon would rather fuck nicki than her


    • cartersosa Says:

      lmao you said it all in a nutshell….im happy nicki dont take no shit from her old played out ass she cant even sing no more so she need to stop tryna judge like britney spears cant even sing happy birthday song lmao


    • City Says:



    • Yourwrong Says:

      WTF your an idiot and probably 12 years old. Minaj is a self centered twit that is getting the last of her 15 mins of fame and is an idiot. She needs to grow up and act like an adult.


  2. Battlefield Says:

    Nick Send Them Young Money Goons At Mariah Bitch Ass!!


  3. 9mm Says:

    I lyk u nicki but u shouldn’t av done dat….just 1 “4uk u” 4 dat**period*********


  4. Jsv Says:

    Really though

    Whos brilliant idea was it to put nicky minaj as a judge there ?

    Thats like giving a monkey a loaded gun
    It can never go well


  5. anonymous Says:

    but weren’t they cool? they made a song together. what changed?
    But mariah can still sing though, better than beyonce.


  6. ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

    I’m glad Nicki went off on that diva additude bitch! Bout time somebody put Mariah in her place! I don’t like people who think they higher then everybody and stuck up like them fake ass hoes. Mariah be acting like she to good to be touched or something. That bitch need to come back down to earth! And she tryna make Nicki look dumb because she not yelling! Just because you not yelling don’t mean you didn’t spark the fuckin flame bitch! Luv u Nicki u did what most people have been wanting to do to this bitch!




  7. nickiminajfan Says:

    hahaha lmao…you go nicki..nicki is hella fuckin betta than tha bitch marey carey or what the hell her name is..go nicki


  8. terry Says:

    What the fuck you people talking about Mariah can’t sing! Can you all sing?! Nikki needs to get out of here with her fake ass and devilish looks. Mariah is real deal, experience diva, nikki is a hurry come of bitch who thinks she can sing but technically, she’s not a singer, I don’t even have a word for that shit voice of hers. Her fake ass does a better job than her voice lmfao


  9. Lil Johnny Says:

    Nicki needs to stfu cause mariah is more experienced than her the same shit she did to lil kim like stay in ur little place like close ur mouth



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