Drake Finishes High School And Earns A Diploma

October 18, 2012 by Danny M

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Drake Finishes High School And Earns A Diploma

Last month, Drake announced that he would be graduating high school soon because when he was younger, his acting career took off and then his music career, which is what made him not finish high school back then. Now Drizzy has finally completed high school and obtained a Diploma by scoring 97% on his final exam and 88% on his full course.

Congratulations Drizzy Drake

Drake Finishes High School And Earns A Diploma

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17 Responses to “Drake Finishes High School And Earns A Diploma”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    Its about time you graduated!


  2. well done Says:

    congratz homie xD


  3. Letter Says:

    Dear Drake,

    Now school is out of the way, can you please start to release new music. We (the fans) have been waiting patiently for long enough now.

    Sincerely, everyone.


  4. dank Says:

    Are we supposed to be proud that he put 5 months work in to graduate what takes everyone else 4 years???

    Good job!!


  5. Marc Yorker Says:

    Not needed, little rich motherfucking jew his whole life.


  6. maria_latina_drizzy_drake Says:

    Congratulations Drizzy Drake im happy for you



    congrats big homie


  8. wowzerz Says:

    That dumb ass nigga like 25 and just now got his GED not a diploma his GED and his music has some great songs but more bullshit than good songs just being honest


  9. cj Says:

    Drake u stinking jew!!! # Cartman’s voice


  10. ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

    Congratz Drake but not like it matters if u never did get it…YOUR FKIN RICH!!! But I know you feel you accomplished something so congratz :)!


  11. 117 Says:

    Congratz dude 🙂


  12. MzMedical Says:

    It’s never to late to excel. I’m happy for drake job well done.


  13. Benjamin Harim Martins Says:

    Congrats Drizzy!


  14. #DrizzyDrake Says:

    congratz drizzy drake…now you better come up with new songz..


  15. jj Says:

    pls,i nid u to drop a single bro…congratulations,u rily need dat as education is important..abt dar single,am hungry 4 it…


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