Nicki Minaj Chats About Her “My Truth” Reality Show, Cursing, “Freedom” Video & More

November 6, 2012 by Danny M


Nicki Minaj Chats About Her My Truth Reality Show, Cursing, Freedom Video & More

The Boombox recently spoke to Nicki Minaj after the first episode of her “Nicki Minaj: My Truth” E! Special aired on TV on Sunday night.

They talked about Nicki‘s cursing, the second episode of her reality show, what we can look forward to seeing in upcoming episodes, shooting the “Freedom” music video in London with bad weather, and more.

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“I curse a lot,” Minaj tells The BoomBox after watching “My Truth.” “That’s the thing, when people edit your life down into 21 minutes, every little thing can seem like a bit much, you know. After I watched it, I definitely was like, ‘I have to take that four-letter word out of my dictionary from now on. That one that begins with an ‘f’? Yeah, I really shouldn’t say it that much.'”

Straight out of the Southside of Jamaica, Queens, Nicki’s fiery tongue couldn’t have been that shocking to her family and friends back home in New York City. “It depends on where you grew up,” she explains carefully. “I grew up in a household where… My father cursed and I think that kinda stuck with me but now looking at the show, I was kinda cringing at times. It’ll take a little bit of growth on my part.”

“My two best friends, Tyesha and Candice, were actually on the show last night,” Minaj shares. “They both hit me and I was just asking them, like, ‘Did I look horrible?’ And they were like, ‘Girl, you just seemed like you were on top of your business.’ Their opinion means more to me than anyone in the spotlight.”

“I was so skeptical,” she admits. “I’m not gonna lie and say that I really wanted to bare everything but I also didn’t wanna play myself and put out a show where I was fronting for the camera. But I figured, you know what, people gon’ have to get the good and the bad.

“I know I’m a good person and I think that intelligent people, when they watch it, they’ll understand that it’s just that my life is so crazy that sometimes I’m in ‘spaz out’ mode. At the end of the day when I’m mellowed out and I have a moment to think and be calm, it’s just genuine love for my fans that drives me to do everything I do and go this hard. I do have a friendly relationship with my fans and they push me to continue to create.”

“I’m watching the second episode now,” the “Freedom” rapper discloses. “And the fans will get to see the inside of my house. I know my Barbz are gonna go crazy because they’re always bugging me about it and I’m always promising them that they’ll see it. So finally this time, they’re gonna win the battle and see the house.”

Young Money’s first lady reveals the scene features herself and her crew in the kitchen, in which she’s expressing her annoyance and frustration over not having a certain kind of food at her reach. “They’re gonna be cracking up when they find out what kind of food it was,” she says with a laugh.

Beyond the personal lessons learned and bursts of indignation, Minaj shares that the most touching part of the first episode was watching her Barbz react during the signing.

“I didn’t realize how emotional it was,” the 29-year-old states. “The camera guy told me, like, ‘Do you realize a lot of your fans were crying?’ And I said, ‘No, really?’ And when I watched it and saw their passion, when they were like, ‘I love you so much!’ I had a little bit of an emotional experience with that.

“I teared up last night. For me, I’m sitting there and I’m so busy… and I’m just trying to make sure that I make eye contact with them and give them a memorable experience. A lot of times I don’t even realize how emotional they actually are, so when I got to see that I was very moved.”

“I’ma see if they can still get it in there somehow,” she says excitedly. “I wish they were able to show the ‘Freedom’ video being recorded in London — oh my goodness — because it’s definitely the most special video that I’ve ever shot and it just happened to be, like, five degrees out there.

“We went out to the outskirts of London and it was literally hailing and we had to get the video done because we had one day. It was so cold and I’m shooting in the cold rain and hail but it was just a very dope look.”

“To be honest, I don’t know that this is the right time,” the award-winning entertainer starts slowly. “But I think that every decision in my career is a decision that I make not fully knowing that it’s the right time but just trusting that I’ma make it work regardless.”

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