Tyga & Chris Brown Postpone Their “Fan Of A Fan 2” Project

November 14, 2012 by Danny M

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Tyga and Chris Brown have postponed their Fan Of A Fan 2 mixtape, which was originally supposed to be released a few months back. Chris can be seen explaining why they have both postponed the project in the video above during a visit to “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” radio show earlier this week.

T-Raww‘s reasons for the Fan Of A Fan 2 push back are – he has just recently had a baby and he is currently working on his Hotel California album. Breezy‘s reasons for the push back are – he is focusing on his tour, working on his Carpe Diem album, and he doesn’t want to release any more free music for a while.

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6 Responses to “Tyga & Chris Brown Postpone Their “Fan Of A Fan 2” Project”

  1. Ell Says:

    If they have already recorded 13 songs, why don’t they just put those out?


  2. My Zone Says:

    LOL at chris not wanting to release free music for a while hes just mad his crappy fortune album hasnt sold, hopefully he realizes the music hes putting up for sale is generic pop garbage


  3. InMyZone Says:

    If Chris brown fortune ablum so shitty than why is it number 1 in US and UK.


  4. Reke Says:

    Pair a lame singer with a shitty rapper.. Who the fuck wants to hear that.


    • Nick Says:

      how is it that there mix tape got that many views they are making another, so yeah a lame singer that is one of the biggest artist in the world paired with a rapper that is on the rise, yeah they will sell music you idiot reke
      clearly you have no idea what your talking about


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