Tyga Chats About Fatherhood, Style, Gadgets & More With VIBE

February 26, 2013 by Danny M


Tyga Chats About Fatherhood, Style, Gadgets & More With VIBE

Tyga recently chopped it up with VIBE to talk about if he keeps his gadgets close to him when he leaves his home or not, if he considers himself to be a strict father or not, fashion, what his next tattoos will be, how much he thinks you should be spending in a strip club, and more.

You can view read their full interview after the jump below.

VIBE: Do you have any pre-show rituals on the road?
TYGA: I don’t like getting ready too fast ’cause I don’t like to wait. I like to get there maybe 15 minutes before I have to go onstage. I don’t like sitting.

What’s the strangest request on your tour rider?
iPhone chargers. I don’t really have no crazy stuff on there yet.

Ryan Leslie’s laptop was stolen and held for ransom. Do you take your gadgets with you or keep them at home?
I take them with me, but I always keep them close. I’ll never just put my stuff anywhere and lose it.

You’re smarter than celebrities whose computer password is “password.”
[Laughs] Nobody will ever figure out my password.

You’ve been sharing flicks of your son, Cairo, on Instagram. What’s the biggest surprise fatherhood has brought on?
I’m always thinking about him now. I think it matures you a little more.

Are you a cool or strict dad?
I always see parents tell their kids, “No you can’t have that.” They’re kids. They have to have a good childhood. I don’t think I’m going to tell my kid, “No.”

What’s a misconception people have about Tyga?
People tend to judge an artist on what they read on the blogs or one or two songs. I’ve had other successes that people probably don’t realize.

“Rack City” is a strip club classic. For those who aren’t well versed in make-it-rain etiquette, what’s the minimum you should be spending? $20?
$20?! I don’t know how much other people spend in the strip clubs, but [I’d say] at least $500. People don’t go crazy unless it’s their first time or they’re trying to show out. It’s better than going to the club for me sometimes because the music is better and you can get food and just relax.

You’ve said you only shop for clothes in Paris. Fancy.
There’s more variety out there. A lot of artists have stylists that all go to the same place. You do a video and see somebody else’s video and you see the same shirt.

Do you recycle outfits?
No, no, no. Once I wear an outfit on camera, I won’t wear it again on camera. I might wear it to the studio.

You’re famous for your tats. What’s your next ink?
I’m trying to finish my leg tattoos right now. I’ve been on the road, so it’s been hard. It’s an Egyptian mural with King Tut and a couple of Sphinx.

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4 Responses to “Tyga Chats About Fatherhood, Style, Gadgets & More With VIBE”

  1. low-blow-joe Says:

    when is for the road being released ???


  2. Xicano101 Says:

    He wore the same outfits for dee lo’s get her tho song and do my dance.


  3. Gahaja Says:

    Just like the recent videos where hes bein wearing the same leather or red pants

    And the givenchy rottweiler shirt bein on him on a few different videos

    Usual exceturation by tyga as usual



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