Drake In The Studio Working On “Girls Love Beyonce” [Video]

May 2, 2013 by Danny M

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In the video above, you can watch some footage of Drake inside of his studio working on the “Girls Love Beyonce” song with James Fauntleroy.

Drizzy can be seen smoking shisha, playing with a hookah, and freestyling his verse. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Drake In The Studio Working On “Girls Love Beyonce” [Video]”

  1. Khosta Says:

    1st!!! And Drake is wack, disgrace ta hip hop


  2. 007 Says:

    only asians smoke hookah


  3. Khosta Says:

    I dont have a fucking life I need to get a dick up my ass and mouth


  4. ACE Says:

    dope ass session….how yu do dat with da cup doe??


  5. ♥Nicki♥Drake♥ Says:

    Drake is so beautiful!!!!


  6. TM Says:

    Khosta’s stupid! On the real though,khosta’s very stupid!


  7. Khosta Says:

    Niqqa u jelouse cuz in india khosta mean dick ridder bitch thts y i masterbate to tune drizzy tyler and hovva. Dumbasses


  8. Jackson Says:

    Foreal though drake is the wackest rapper in YM, I agree with Khosta. Tell me 1 dope punchline from take care??? Nah all he does is talk stories. Throw punchline after punchline then we’l talk cause it shows how creative you are. Saying two things in a single sentence requires alot of thinking. Unlike what Drake does, even a 6 yr old can do better.


  9. Weezy f bby Says:

    The new album of drake have bad songz… Drizzy have to do musics like who was in thank me later and take care… But started of bottom was dope and others are worst


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