PO10NT Dept. – Taking Offers [Mixtape]

July 4, 2013 by Danny M


PO10NT Dept Taking Offers Mixtape

PO10NT Dept., a hip-hop group consisting of Jae Millz, GP, Mak, Microphone Pre, Perrion and T-Real, release their debut mixtape called Taking Offers.

The tape consists of 17 songs including “Dancing 4 That Rent“, “Here I Go“, and “Oh Lord“.

Hit the jump to grab the download link and view the full tracklist for PO10NT Dept.‘s Taking Offers mixtape!

Download: PO10NT Dept. – Taking Offers [Mixtape]

1. Jae Millz, Mak & GP – Do Right
2. Jae Millz, Perrion, Mak & Microphone Pre – Pacquiao
3. Mak, T-Real, Perrion & Microphone Pre – Talking Bullsh!t
4. Jae Millz, Microphone Pre & Mak – Tryna Get It
5. Jae Millz, GP & Mak – The Realist
6. Jae Millz, Microphone Pre, T-Real, GP & Mak – Can’t Deal Wit’ It
7. Jae Millz, T-Real, Microphone Pre & Mak – Oh Lord
8. Jae Millz, Mak, T-Real, GP, Perrion & Microphone Pre – Hang With The Gang
9. GP, T-Real & Mak – 5AM
10. Jae Millz, Mak & T-Real – Dancing 4 That Rent
11. Jae Millz, GP, Perrion & Mak – Cool Music
12. GP, Microphone Pre, Perrion & Mak – It’s My Life
13. Mak, T-Real & Microphone Pre – All Mines
14. T-Real, GP & Mak – Wassup
15. Jae Millz, GP, T-Real & Microphone Pre – Here I Go
16. Mak – RN4L
17. Jae Millz, GP, T-Real & Mak – My Nias

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9 Responses to “PO10NT Dept. – Taking Offers [Mixtape]”

  1. Loyal fan Says:

    Well done 4 coming soon….


  2. Tane Jariah Says:

    Nah i reckon Fan of a Fan 2 will drop first


  3. Tane Jariah Says:

    dis nigga jae millz is all about potentness


  4. Cortez Bryant Says:

    These nigga’s jae millz be around can rap, some sound like they even helped Weezy on no ceilings


  5. Cortez Bryant Says:

    That nigga T-real and Microphone Per & Mak can rap


  6. 5star Says:

    Fire tape



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