Lil Twist Says He Won’t Let The Media Crumble Him [Video]

September 8, 2013 by Danny M


In part 2 of Lil Twist‘s interview with MTV, he talks about the press writing fake stories about him and not letting the media crumble him. You can watch part 1 of their interview here!

“They’re doin’ their job, man. They’re doing what we do. Like how we go to the studio and we go and record to make music and we make money off of that to support our families; if they didn’t come up with bullshit stories and post it, they can’t get no money from it.”

“They just twist — they add some shit, they add a lot of shit to a lot of stuff that comes out. I don’t even pay attention to the media any more. I’ve been into a few accidents, I ran into a few mistakes, but I’m young. You were young before — you have to learn.”

“I can’t let it crumble me, I’m just really focused right now and I’m really focused on A Bad Influence and putting out these mixtapes.”

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5 Responses to “Lil Twist Says He Won’t Let The Media Crumble Him [Video]”

  1. BangBang Says:



  2. Swa Says:

    Nigga ppl think your garbage, it might be true


  3. Cortez Bryant Says:

    Twist was okay when he first got in Young Money, every since Tunechi cut that check for everyone from that We Are Young Money album this nigga latest mixtapes been sounding trash but I ain’t gone front I still have faith in Lil Twist that mite step his game up as in lyrics, but she should work on his bars like Lil Chuckee had been doing because like Weezy quoted – ” Repetition Is The Key Father Of Learning “.

    I live by them words everyday, because its huge part in life of conquering to achieve whatever it is you stand out to do.

    I have faith in you Lil Twist. Just show us what you got, don’t worry what people think, do your best! Long as you love it thats all that matters, because like Lil Wayne said, if the artist is happy with it and can live by it, then your fans will too.


  4. 05BLOCKA Says:

    He should be glad the media paying him any attention that’s the only way people listen to his music and know who he is.


  5. Kcskcd Says:

    This lil niggu really gassing him self up
    Nobody is fucking talkkng about you lil bitchass tornado
    Only time your in the media is because its about your boyfriend bieber who you are attached to like a parasite

    You cant rap you look stupid as hell and youll never have a album
    Hang yourself allready


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