Drake Discusses His Work Ethic & Re-Branding The Toronto Raptors [Video]

November 8, 2013 by Danny M


In the video above, you can watch Cabbie from TSN interview Drake about his new role as the Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors.

During the interview, Drizzy receives some funny business cards and gets asked about his work ethic, as well as suggestions to re-brand the Raptors for next season.

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10 Responses to “Drake Discusses His Work Ethic & Re-Branding The Toronto Raptors [Video]”

  1. Issiah Says:

    Drake is legit. So are the Raptors


  2. Kdln Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    i say goodday to a sausage call it halloween
    Paint my grill blue call it bluetooth
    Keep baby locked up call it birdcage
    Phone my eagle up call it birdcall
    Eating chocolates with M’s while recordig with my white boy, call it eminem
    I eat nuts with homer simpson call it donuts
    Driving a car with nas call it nascar
    I eat candy while picking cotton, call it cotton candy
    I cut myself upon in the bathroom, call it bloodbath
    I smoke with 2 fingers up, call it greenpeace
    Put draids in my visor, call it crosshair
    I cut my dog open, call it bloodhound
    I fill my balls with corn, call it cornball
    I have so many exes, call it X MAS
    I poop on a girls head while being drunk, call it shitfaced


  3. weezy f bby Says:

    kdln ur kynda borin dog by de way drake wannabe lil wayne i hop it stuck at their teeth.drake wat he cares waz 2 reach lil waynes level i hope wayne daz regret signin dat dude he tulk under his sholder


  4. Kdln Says:

    Lil wayne be like
    Drink my berrys through a straw, call it strawberry
    I lean back far, call it tygas hairline
    My seat be rolling, call it wheelchair
    I pound dogs, call it dogpound
    I cough at my ma’s ass, call it astma
    My mobile going auto, call it automobile
    More mills than jay, call it jea millz (who?)
    Wear a skeleton on my head, call it skullcap


  5. wtf Says:

    Lmfao “I lean back far, call it tygas hairline”


  6. laury Says:

    @kdln lol that’s quiet dope though


  7. Kdln Says:

    Im just waiting to hear this back on some wack rappers track haha


  8. Drake Music Says:

    The Raptors are good this year and it is because of Drake


  9. diamond twista Says:

    @kdln verse1 life is a circulation of poverty/curiousity killed a kat/mama cam home empty handed/i lost hope while i waz askin 4giveness/we suffer nd suffocate.


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