Is Riff Raff About To Sign With Drake’s OVO Label?

January 15, 2014 by Danny M


When asked about who would win between himself and Drake in a basketball game by Revolt TV, Riff Raff started to discuss his friendship with Drake.

At the end of the interview, Riff Raff hinted that he may sign to Drizzy‘s October’s Very Own record label.

“Riff Raff might fuck around and sign to OVO, hint, hint-hint.”

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8 Responses to “Is Riff Raff About To Sign With Drake’s OVO Label?”

  1. Cartman Says:

    Aint no way Drake would sign this cat to OVO


  2. Whaaa Says:

    If He Gets Signed To Drake ANYONE Can Get Signed …… ** Grabs Mic Makes Amazing Song Tweet Drake A Million Times ……. Twitter Jail, FREE ME , SIGN ME) Lmfaooo


  3. tyger Says:

    he was joking danny u fuck boi


  4. wtf Says:

    40 wouldn’t let that happen


  5. Reggi N Says:

    An why not tho ?

    Nowadays its not about talent or being good anymore its about image and branding and a bit of hard work and knowing the right people

    Riff raff has a image (looks a certain way raps dumb as fuck acts dumb as fuck but gets attention) they used his persona in spring breaker (god know why)

    Future is signed, looks retarted cant even talk properly, known for good hooks (?)
    2chains is signed, same as future but came earlier
    Tyga is signed, eyecandy for ladys and got tats but cant rap for shit
    Kid ink is signed, tyga 5.0
    Gucci mane is signed, has down syndrome but has some gangster credut
    Machine gun kelly is signed, wack white boy tryna be black ony conplaining how hard his life was
    Wiz khalifa is signed, tyga 2.0, cant rap, claims bring smoking back and wifed a well known whore

    Any of them any good ? Fuck no but they got a image wich is popular so record companys take advantage of this
    If a company just makes 95% profit on you whos complaining ?


  6. east5 Says:

    drake don’t sign any rappers to OVO….. just singers


  7. Patriots Says:

    Lol this nigga riff raff thinkin he makin power moves


  8. Gangstar Chezz Says:

    True that @ reggie N.. Any wierd ass n weak bar rapper get sing, the top artist no longe brings up street rappers except Lil Wayne n a few who understand Hip Hop, i mean some wierd ass rappers are makin Hip Hop fall off, they cnt rap good, they only noe how to smoke n rapp high then fags that got money just sign em.. Fuck!


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