Euro Talks Favorite Rappers, “We Alright” Verse & Lil Wayne Believing In Him

March 10, 2014 by Danny M


Euro Talks Favorite Rappers, We Alright Verse & Lil Wayne Believing In Him

Euro recently spoke to ArtistDirect about who his favorite rappers are, his verse on “We Alright“, and Lil Wayne believing in him from the start.

You can read what Eureka Franklin said in this short interview after the jump below!

He takes this seriously, and he’s spent his time studying the best. “For me, it’s Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Drake,” he affirms. “They’re like the last geniuses living. Wayne took me in as family from the start, and he put me on a song. I couldn’t believe that I’d be going to his house for dinner. It’s crazy to me.” As for “We Alright”, he offers, “I put a lot into that verse. I’m letting people know I’m new, and I’m trying to gain respect. That’s the mode I was in. I didn’t want to waste time talking about anything crazy. If I would’ve dreamed about this moment, it would’ve only fallen short.”

That humble demeanor belies the fact that he is intense skills that will ultimately elevate him to the top. “I try to be genuine,” he closes out. “I’m not phased by anything. I just want to protect who I am as an artist and that integrity like the greats before me.”

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11 Responses to “Euro Talks Favorite Rappers, “We Alright” Verse & Lil Wayne Believing In Him”

  1. sp0rt Says:

    euro gonna be the next drake


  2. euro Says:

    I am better than drake bro, drake is week. Atleast say I will be the next Wayne


  3. OVO OWL Says:

    this nigga pretends hes euro lol he cant even spell “weak” im done hahahah fucken fake get a life fag


  4. Cheetos Says:

    lmao hahahahahha he’s a fuck boi


  5. Kon Says:

    @ovo owl DFL ain’t that the truth , dude needs hooked on phonics b4 he try to hate smh


  6. Best Says:

    Euro is good. I’m happy he is part of young money!


  7. Baal Says:

    EURO needs to replace drake. EURO, more genuine… drake need to move into the acting roles, “rap god”.


  8. WeezyB Says:

    How y’all gonna say Euro the next drake.. Euro doesn’t even sing!!! But I see he put Jay before wayne lol.. He forgot about Eminem Kanye Andre 3000 also


  9. Marcella Says:

    That’s right drake is the best!!! And no he couldn’t replace drake even if he tried!!!!! KING DRAKE!!!·


  10. pussypher Says:

    Euro is good but not enough to replace wayne, lil wayne is the of his kind, we can talk about FLOW when tryna figure out youngmoney star that will replace him


  11. Jeezzy.jay Says:

    Euro is da best, he should replce Drake.


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