Christina Milian Talks “Video Model” Song With Lil Wayne, Signing To YMCMB & More

March 15, 2014 by Danny M


Christina Milian Chats About Her Video Model Song With Lil Wayne, Signing To YMCMB & More

Christina Milian recently chatted with The Source about her “Video Model” song with Lil Wayne, signing to Young Money, hoping to drop her album that is pretty much completed this year, how she balances work and being a mother, her Viva Diva Wines and Platinum E Hookah business ventures, and more.

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“I signed with Young Money about a year and a half ago. Lil Wayne really understands what an artist needs, and they cater to that. You’re able to get the time to grow and develop as an artist; you’re able to be creative without people getting in the way. The opportunity came for me to get on the compilation and I jumped on it. It’s the first time I’m releasing anything with Young Money. Wayne got on the track with me to certify the love.”

“I feel at home. I’m confident that I made the right choice. I’ve got the right push, the right family, for this album. The album itself is pretty much done and I’m so excited! The music I have is dope… it’s gonna be crazy. I’m patiently impatient,” she laughed. ”We’re just talking about the best time to do the actual release. Both Nicki Minaj and Wayne are dropping this year, so it’s about making sure I get the right shine.”

“I hired my own A&Rs. I still worked with my mom, of course. My sound has changed. This project really establishes my maturity; it shows in my vocals. I’ve become a better singer and I’m sure I’ll be a better performer when it’s time. I still have an urban pop sound and I always do a few R&B songs, but there’s a lot of crossover to be had here. This will play like a Rihanna, Beyonce, or Usher record–it can fall under both urban pop and R&B. There will still be club bangers, because I love to dance and I come alive when I’m out dancing; I have so much fun with it! There’s also a few ballads. Wayne actually requested I do one more ballad, to balance things out, and to express my full vocal range.”

“It’s a docuseries about everything I have going on. In 24 hours of my life, about five different things will be going on, anything from motherhood, family, friends, relationships, or business. Everything may even be happening at once. My phone will be going off all day and if I don’t put it away, my daughter will tell me to! She’ll say, ‘Mommy, put your phone away.’”

“As a Libra, I’m constantly striving for balance. I’m always trying to make sure everyone is happy. I know that my career is something that I’m driven by. My daughter, Violet, drives me to do more. Since becoming a mother, I’ve learned to multitask. When you have a baby, give yourself time to rest for a bit after, but then you literally have to mentally program your brain and tell it that you do have the energy to do this. You have access to a phone, a computer, a network. There’s opportunities left and right. The more I hustle, the more I meet people and build friendships, the bigger my network becomes. The more I build my network, the more opportunities I come across, the more business I do. It’s funny like that–hustling more brings more hustle.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty for being a hard worker and providing for your family. Just find balance. Keep a calendar and write things down. Make time for yourself and make sure part of that time includes working out. It keeps you healthy… health is having both a sound mind and body. Make every moment count and make every moment special.”

“It’s now in major stores in 27 states. I love wine. I started getting into it in my late 20′s, when I was about 27 or 28. Not only did I start to like the flavor, but I noticed that unwinding over a glass of wine was a bonding experience between my girls and I. We’re all such go-getters and we work really hard; we need that downtime. A glass of wine helps me relax and get that satisfaction so that I can continue being superwoman. It’s like a vacation in a glass. I have all kinds of crisp, sweet, fruity flavors that I love: pineapple, mango, peach, coconut, and strawberry.”

“I like to be a connoisseur of things. For over 10 years, I was a hookah smoker. When the industry started to boom and the portable hookahs came out, I had to have one. I noticed when I was out with it, people were so intrigued. They’d come up to me and ask ‘Where’d you get that, can I try it?’ So I thought, ‘If so many people are into this, why don’t I actually make this into a business?’ I got with my business partners and rolled it out in June 2013. They’ve been an awesome success. You don’t have to share it with the next person or worry about a mouth piece. If you’re in a club you can have a little something extra to do instead of just holding a drink all night. There’s no nicotine and no tar, so you won’t get that light headed feeling, but you will satisfy that oral fixation. There’s all kinds of variety, too. We expanded from just offering the disposable ones; now we have the eJuice ones for vaporizers, limited editions, and all kinds of flavors… there’s blueberry, cotton candy, root beer, cake batter, cherry, and pretty much anything you could possibly think of.”

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7 Responses to “Christina Milian Talks “Video Model” Song With Lil Wayne, Signing To YMCMB & More”

  1. Dollar$ Says:

    Video Model might just be the worst song on the new YM album


  2. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    She shouldn’t of got signed to YMCMB, talk about a washed up artist.


  3. Wait Says:

    Nah man. Video model was a good club song. Worst song on the album probably one time


  4. Jeff Says:

    Wow people really dont like one time? One of the best songs off the album.


  5. ReegoEli Says:

    Christina is and always will be a hard worker. And always her self. Not no stuck up artist. Video Model is a damn good song. More than club song more of an anthem for the driven one’s. So please save yourself the negativity for your health records. And let her do her thing. (strive and conquer).com lol.


  6. Best Says:

    Video model is one of my favourite on the YM album


  7. machoakin Says:

    Video Model is a lovely song. One of the few songs that caught my attention aside Euro’s Induction Speech, Trophies and Boss Ass Bitch


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