Flow Pushes Back His “Withdrawals” Mixtape By A Few Days

May 16, 2014 by Danny M

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Flow Pushes Back His Withdrawals Mixtape By A Few Days

Flow was supposed to drop his Withdrawals mixtape yesterday, but he went on Twitter to announce that the tape has been pushed back to Monday on May 19th.

The Esho Hero says the reason for the push-back was because Lil Wayne had released his “D’usse” song last night and he is still waiting on a few features.

Due to advice from my favorite rapper .. N features from yo favorite rappers .. I pushed it bak to Monday ..5-19.. #Withdrawalz #bishWait

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13 Responses to “Flow Pushes Back His “Withdrawals” Mixtape By A Few Days”

  1. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    I don’t blame him for pushing it back after Wayne dropped the song of the year hah!


  2. 007 Says:

    cortez bryant is obviously in charge of this….


  3. Weezy!!! Says:

    Wayne snapped on D’usse!!!!! Carter V season bitch!!!


  4. back on my bullish*t Says:

    does that mean weezy will be featured on the tape??


  5. xicano101 Says:

    “Withdrawlz coming late late february”- FLOW 3 months ago

    NO ONE grinds like Weezy in 08 these niggas take 4 months to make 15 tracks and still sit on it and try and hype it and shit. Like that Ja So Rude bitch on IG hyping up her Dope music video and song like it’s the shit waiting to drop it on 4-20 and she doesn’t even have 2,000 views lol

    NO HUSTLE, Wayne would drop project after project, song after song, jump on peoples tracks, and still drop his freestyles to people’s hits.


    • 007 Says:

      lol u right


    • EgmgMenace Says:

      Bruh You Stupid As Fukk!! You Sound Upset Kuz 5 ain’t drop tha tape! Go suk a Fukkin pickle! Nd Next Time You Do Your HomeWork On My Sis JaSoRude Get A Fuckin “A” her shit had 10,000 views withen the first 32 hours! Thanks To Flock Ass People Like You! Kuz your view kounted Duck Ass!! 5top Hatin and get a autograph kuz hater undercover Fans!!! You Go From Bein on her IG to Here Just To Let more people kno bout her! We Love the Support! Find A Hobby!! Eat A Dixk! Dick In Booty Ass!
      Khexk Da Post On This Site!! You’ll See JaSoRude! You’ll See EgmgMenace!! You’re Only Notixed in Komments!! Haha Fukkin Komputer Geek!


      • RIP Magnolia Shawty girl Says:

        You can use the letter C you know…..


      • xicano101 Says:

        Sorry if you got offended with my opinion lol. I’m not even going to waste my time arguing with you

        There’s the link to her video idk where you got 10,000, Megan Ratleff is her right??…And I would NEVER be of a fan as artist like her, that fat bitch acts so hard while trying to make gay ass mainstream music, she doesnt even have her own style or real raps. Tell her to wear bigger basketball shorts they fit small as fk on her and her tats gay as fk. She will never make it big with that image.

        And Yes you can use the letter C, your blood lovers or whatever won’t find and spank you for typing it on the internet.


        • EgmgMenace Says:

          yea you’re dumber then a box of roxks! Her video was deleted! By YouTube! But You’re A Pointless Person But I Think it’s Funny How Interested You Are Of jaSoRude! Dha More Hatred You Show The Jealousy I See Hahah Motherfukkers Jealous Jah!! Oh Nd She Been bout that life nigha don’t fabrikate in Rapz We Really Bout This Shit! Nd if Shd Rap like Anyone let me know and If she’s stealing barz just eat a dixk! Thanks Fa Luv! And Posting The video Link!!! Y’all Peep That bitxh Out Again!!


  6. Daniel Parry Says:

    Wayne a beast


  7. wtf Says:

    Lol @007


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