Birdman Gets Asked About What’s Going On With Tyga Right Now

October 29, 2014 by Danny M


Birdman Shares His Thoughts About Whats Going On With Tyga Right Now

During a private listening party at Quad Recording Studios in New York on Monday evening, Birdman chatted with XXL for an interview mostly about Rich Gang, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.

One of the questions that Baby got asked was what is going on with Tyga right now. The #1 Stunna answered that he does not know for sure what is going on with T-Raww, but he has respect for him and he thinks the situation will work itself out.

You can read Birdman‘s thoughts on the Tyga situation after the jump below!

What about Tyga? What’s going on with him?
I don’t know man. But I got respect for Tyga. I always had respect for Tyga. We built something together. Another person we took from nothing to something. It will work itself out. It will work itself out. I’m just not with the Internet shit, saying nothing negative. ‘Cause I can’t say nothing negative about Tyga ’cause I got respect for Tyga. I don’t like him saying nothing negative about Drake and Nicki. To me, that shit ain’t cool to me. ‘Cause they never did no wrong to him. You understand me? But, he still the little homie and I do anything in the world for him. Nicki and Drake, that’s the family. Whatever side you choose, it is what it is. But I ride with the team. I could say nothing bad about little Tyga. He’s always been a man to me. A young man to me. A young man to the team. This shit coming out of left field to me. I don’t understand it, but it is what it is.

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11 Responses to “Birdman Gets Asked About What’s Going On With Tyga Right Now”

  1. Patriots Says:

    Lol called the man little tyga


  2. Martian Says:

    Birdman is right, he should of never dissed Drake and Nicki for no reason, that was lame and made him look like a fool


  3. I Ain't Nervous Says:

    If he wants to leave YMCMB then I say let him leave.


  4. yea Says:

    i dont get why they dont get rid of him how do you allow someone to diss there label mates and get away with it and you think the dissing is going to end cause you talked to him right sure


  5. OLE Says:

    Tyga is big right now evrbody is talking abwt tyga jst bcoz he dissed de best drake n onika lol sum public stunt…but we fucken need tht boy he’s in top 5 of ymcmb


  6. Fcku Says:

    I don’t like him saying nothing negative about Drake and Nicki.

    What the fuck does this even mean ?

    I do anything in the world for him

    Except pay him where its due ?

    Birdman old snake ass talking between lines bitch nigga and his whole suprised attitude seems fake as hell


  7. Bsjjjjjj Says:

    Tyga is under a strangle contract

    Probally 25% for tyga the rest for birdman

    Birdman can sue this lil nigga till he doesnt own a single dollar
    He cant just leave
    Theres rules to this while fake family label

    The only one bennefitting is birdman and slim
    Playing puppets on the strings and steal all there money

    Snake shit


  8. Best Says:

    Tyga this, Tyga that… Let us not forget that he is one of the best rappers in the game


  9. yall tripping Says:

    Tyga? one of the best in the game?… are you high? Dude did some bitch nigga shit and yall out here backing him??? says alot about yall. and lets stop talking about “strangle contracts” like they put a gun to his head and made him sign it. as for him not getting a release date, that’s all on him…if you fail to generate enough buzz and a hit single, no company is going to take that risk. and honestly, Tyga’s albums have all been commercial flops, let’s not forget about that. Yall just qiuck to diss YM any chance yall get. *if you’re gonna hate, atleast be objective about it* TYGA IS A BITCH NIGGA right now


  10. Babara Says:

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  11. Bajaj Auto Ltd. Says:

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