Chanel West Coast Chats About Her Debut Studio Album, Upcoming Reality Show & More

June 4, 2015 by Danny M


Chanel West Coast Chats About Her Debut Studio Album, Upcoming Reality Show & More

Chanel West Coast stopped by ASOS‘ offices in New York City last month for an interview about her dream job growing up, favorite sneakers, fashion, “Ridiculousness”, favorite in the club right now, debut album, Instagram, emoji, and plenty more.

Also during her interview, Chanel revealed some nicknames that she has, she will be releasing a single off her upcoming debut studio album this month, and she is currently working on a reality show about her music career.

You can read Chanel West Coast and ASOS‘ full conversation after the jump below!

Nickname: I have a lot of nicknames. One of them is Little Fingers, because I have really small hands. Another one is Felicia!

Dream job when you were growing up: Musician or entertainer.

Sneaker of choice: Well, I’m wearing Jordans now, but I’m into a lot of different ones – but Jordans are a favorite always.

Fave person to style stalk: Gwen Stefani. She was the different one before it was cool to be different. She was doing all of this stuff way before other artists. I look up to her as a style icon.

Right now your nails are: They’re a nude, sparkly color and I have rhinestones on two nails — and they’re super pointy. They’re pretty fresh right now!

Tell us about the new album: I’m working on my new album right now, and I’m trying to get the single out in June. You can expect a lot of singing — people know me as a rapper, but there will be a more even blend.

The most ridiculous part of working on Ridiculousness: Just hanging backstage with the guys — Rob and Sterling are the funniest people ever. One of the craziest episodes we had was probably with Larry King. I was like: “I can’t believe I’m sitting next to him!”

Questionable fashion moment growing up: In high school, I wore a lot of corn rows. That’s when Von Dutch and Baby Phat were poppin’!

Other projects coming up: I’ll be doing a reality show following my music career, or a documentary like Miley Cyrus did with MTV, so people can see me as an artist out on the road.

Song playing as you enter the club: Trap Queen by Fetty Wap!

Last thing you put on Instagram that got tons of <3: It was a sexy picture showing my booty… those tend to get the most likes!

Fave emoji: I’ve been using the one with the wink face and the tongue a lot. You can kind of say anything, and then put it after, and it makes it okay.

Celeb to swap spots with: I’d say Beyoncé. Beyoncé and I are both Virgos, so if I switch with somebody, they would have to be similar to me.


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