Andrew “Pop” Wansel Chats All About Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love” Single With GRAMMY Pro

June 25, 2016 by Danny M


Andrew Pop Wansel Chats All About Nicki Minaj Your Love Single With GRAMMY Pro

GRAMMY Pro caught up with GRAMMY-nominated songwriter and producer Andrew “Pop” Wansel for their “Songwriter Week” series a couple of days ago to ask him all about Nicki Minaj‘s “Your Love” single, which was his very first hit.

Pop explained why he wrote the song, how he came up with the idea, sending it to Nicki by mistake, what he thinks makes the track memorable, how he feels when he hears it today, and more.

You can read everything the Philadelphia producer said about the Young Money Barbie and her “Your Love” single after the jump below!

How and why did you write it?
Initially, I was attempting to write a song for T-Pain. That’s really what I was trying to do. Me and my sister Jackie were cleaning my parents’ house and she was playing Annie Lennox. The song “No More I Love You’s” came on and when I heard the intro, I wrote the hook to “Your Love” in my head. Scared I would forget the hook, I immediately ran to my father’s studio in the basement and looped up the intro, kick, and a snap. Just something really simple so that I wouldn’t forget. Months later I was sending a relatively unknown and unsigned Nicki Minaj some beats. I attached “Your Love” to the email by mistake. It was an accident but she loved it! Nicki made some changes to the hook, wrote the verses, the bridge, and recorded it. We never really spoke about it after that. About two years later someone from Hot Beats studio in Atlanta leaked the song and then six months later it was officially released. A month after it was No. 1. [on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart] for eight weeks.

What specifically about the way the song was written do you think makes it memorable and compelling?
That melody of the vocal sample!! “Doo be doo be doo doo doo, ahh!” It’s just hard not to latch on to that melody and sing it. Plus there were just some witty lines like the Bruce Willis line and a bunch of cool stuff. Also, it was the first time the world got to hear her sing and see her soft side. That alone makes it memorable.

Do you remember how you felt when you heard the song had become a hit?
I remember the main feeling was “man, now what?” It was a feeling of panic. Never truly got to enjoy the success of the song because I didn’t want to be a “one hit wonder,” so I immediately returned to the studio to try to keep going at that momentum. I was competing with myself at this point. How can I repeat this or how can I be better?

How do you feel when you hear it today?
When I hear it today, it takes me back to being 21 again! Being in Philly and living with my parents, but having a hit record on the radio — it’s really nostalgic! I was still very fresh. Additionally, I hear how much I have grown to date. Listening to this record, compared to what I’ve done since, my songwriting and producing has really evolved.


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