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Gudda Gudda Supports The Petition To Free Max B From Prison [Video]

November 20, 2012 by Danny M


In part 2 of their interview, Mikey T The Movie Star of AllHipHop asks Gudda Gudda about Max B and if he supports the petition to free him from prison. If you didn’t already know, Max is currently locked up behind bars serving a 75 year jail sentence.

“The Wave – first of all I’m a mixtape head, I listen to everyone. If you’re just the smallest cat or the biggest artist, I like to check out everybody music. I like to see what everybody got.”

“When I first heard Max B I was a fan, downloading all his shit, watching all his videos. I definitely support Max B mane. Free Max B, sign that petition. I tweeted the petition out, so hopefully he will come home.”

Click here to watch part 1 of Double G and Mikey‘s interview! You can sign the petition to free Max B yourself here.

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