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Mack Maine Interview With XXL Magazine

October 30, 2010 by Danny M


Mack Maine Interview With XXL Magazine

Here is an interview XXL Magazine recently did with YM President Mack Maine. They discuss Mack‘s The Laxative mixtape, being the president of Young Money, Birdman and their White Boyz collabo mixtape, Lil Wayne and his release, YM Debit Cards, and more.

XXLMag.com: You just dropped The Laxative mixtape; what prompted that release?

Mack Maine: Yeah, it was just some old shit, though. That’s why I called it The Laxative, man, that’s songs from like ’07, ’08. We clearing that out before I start the new shit. A lot of them songs are old. I got like over 200 songs sittin’ in my computer and like 100 sittin’ in this iPod. I was listening to some of that shit and it’s not old to new ears, so I was like let me put some of that out. And they’re loving it and I didn’t explain the concept yet, so I think they think it’s up to date or something.

Also if you really listen to it there are a lot of imperfections on the tape and I love it like that because it’s raw. It don’t have ad-libs on a lot of songs. A lot of people don’t know, that whole mixtape, I actually freestyled it. I know how to come up with a verse without writing and thinking my verse in my head. But what I mean by freestyle, I actually went into the booth and didn’t know what I was gonna say. And it was one-take; I don’t really punch in at all. I did a tape called Freestyle 101 a long time ago. I was a battle cat when I was younger… There’s not a lot of time for me to record all the time. I go to the studio 12 at night and I might have a conference call at eight or nine in the morning. So I’m leaving the studio at like six in the morning.


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Young Money To Release Their Own Debit Cards!

October 5, 2010 by Danny M


Young Money To Release Their Own Debit Cards

Yesterday, Rap Radar posted a picture out of the new Source Mag which features Mack Maine and Birdman on the cover. In the picture, a prepaid card with the Young Money emblem could be seen sitting on the table. From there, discussions whether or not it was merely a card with a logo or the label actually had their own line of cards in the works began to heat up. Karen Civil caught up with Mack earlier today to clear the air.

Background Info – As far as the Young Money credit cards go, it is true. I don’t have a definite date yet, but I should have one soon before the end of the week. But it is true, so make sure the fans and the people that are interested sign up. It’s a pre-paid card. We’re not starting it out with each member having their own card just yet. It’s just pretty much a Young Money card and then we’ll branch out to like Nicki Minaj pink cards, maybe having Wayne and Drake cards being like the black cards. You know, just different levels of it. Maybe have Twist and Chuckee for the younger crowd. We’ll make sure each member has it as we learn the ropes.

Who Came Up With The Idea – Honestly, it was our business manager. His name is Horace Madison. It was his idea and we just pretty much capitalized on it and added some things to it. He was the original one that came up with the idea though.

What To Expect – It’s a lot of perks that’s going to come along with the card. You’ll get discounts to go online and shop at our website. So, you’ll get things like that. We’ve got different companies like Target and some others companies where you’ll be able to discounts as well when you use the card there. – KC

I can’t wait until us fans can get hold of one of these cards, because they look dope!

UPDATE: You can now purchase your Young Money prepaid card here.

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