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Cory Gunz Arrested For Gun Possession In The Bronx

January 29, 2012 by Danny M


Cory Gunz Arrested For Gun Possession In The Bronx

Yesterday afternoon (January 28th), Cory Gunz was arrested for gun possession in the Bronx, New York City. Check out what Cory‘s dad, Peter Gunz, told MTV this morning:

“The details are still sketchy, but I can confirm that he was arrested with a firearm yesterday in the Bronx,” Gunz told MTV News. “They caught him around 2p.m. in the afternoon with a loaded gun in his knapsack. It was definitely an illegal search.”

Gunz was unable to disclose full details on the incident just yet, but he explained the events leading up to his son’s arrest. “I spoke to the arresting officer, and so far, what I’m hearing from him is that they got a phone call at the station saying they should ‘look out,’ ” Gunz said. “According to the officer, they didn’t know he was Cory Gunz. They just saw a bunch of kids following him around.


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