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Watch A Teaser For Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions” Music Video Starring The Game

June 6, 2014 by Danny M


Watch A Teaser For Nicki Minaj Pills N Potions Music Video

Nicki Minaj has released a 45-second sneak peek of her “Pills N Potions” music video. The Diane Martel-directed visual also stars The Game and will premiere in full on Monday, June 9th.

Hit the jump to watch a preview of “Pills N Potions“!


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Drake Discusses Upcoming Album, Features, His Father, The OVO Sound Label & More

August 29, 2013 by Danny M


Drale Discusses Upcoming Album, Features, His Father, The OVO Sound Label & More

The 150th and 16th anniversary issue of XXL magazine, which features Drake on the front cover, is available on newsstands now. I’ve already posted Drizzy‘s interview for the magazine here and here, but yesterday, XXL posted up more of their interview that did not make the cover story.

You can read Drizzy Drake‘s unreleased interview with XXL after the jump below! He speaks on his upcoming Nothing Was The Same album, how it is different than his Take Care album, the story behind his “Fuckin’ Problems” and “Poetic Justice” features, coming 5th place on MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list, his beef with Common, why he has not signed any rappers to his OVO Sound record label yet, his relationship with his father, which artists he is currently listening to, the first line on his “Forever” verse, and more.


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Drake Places #4 On MTV’s 2010 Hottest MC In The Game List

October 25, 2010 by Danny M


Drake needed to drop an actual album to prove he was more than just a fly-by-night sensation. He also needed to hit the road and show he was a dynamic performing artist who could fill an arena. And, finally, he needed to make up for some past flubs like the poorly received “Best I Ever Had” video. He did all that and more this year, which led the Brain Trust to vote him the #4 Hottest MC in the Game of 2010. – MTV

Lil Wayne got seventh place, and Nicki Minaj got sixth place.

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Nicki Minaj Places #6 On MTV’s 2010 Hottest MC In The Game List

October 24, 2010 by Danny M


Her influence — whether it’s through her music and the many lyrical characters she embodies, her fashion sense or speaking out about important issues like child abuse and discrimination — is now strong enough that the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust voted her the #6 Hottest MC in the Game. And, like the true pioneer she is, she’s the first woman to make the list. – MTV

I have already said I don’t agree with MTV’s list for the 2010 Hottest MC’s In The Game because Tune got seventh place, but I suppose a congratulations is in order for Nicki getting on the list as she is the first female to ever do so! What are your thoughts on the Barbie‘s position on this list ❓

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Trina Nominates Nicki Minaj For “Hottest In The Game”

October 15, 2009 by Danny M


Trina Nominates Nicki Minaj For Hottest In The Game

Southern rapper Trina recently shared her opinion on MTV’s widely-talked about Hottest In The Game 2009 list and said Lil Wayne protege Nicki Minaj should have been considered.

Feeling the list is overly populated by males, Trina spoke up for Minaj.

“I expect that, because the industry is male dominated,” Trina said about the male dominance. “It’s just too many guys. You got Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, T.I., Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, and you got 10 MCs. Where are you going to put a girl? She definitely deserves the respect. She doesn’t have an album out or sold any records, but it’s more so about the passion and the response she gets from the listeners. To see her pave her way from nothing to come up to be a topic or a name. You give that respect to the person coming up making a name for themselves. That’s just real talk. I don’t pull any punches. People say I give too much credit to people but it’s not about that. It’s about being real. And being real is giving props when it’s due. You can’t be hating or mad when you see people doing their thing.”


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Drake Is MTV’s #3 Hottest MC In The Game [Videos]

October 5, 2009 by Danny M


You can read why MTV choose Drake for number 3 here, and check out the video below where Drake calls in and speaks on getting the third spot.

The full list goes: #10 – Raekwon, #9 – 50 Cent, #8 – Fabolous, #7 – Young Jeezy, #6 – Gucci Mane, #5 – Rick Ross, #4 – Kanye West, #3 – Drake, #2 – Lil Wayne, #1 – Jay-Z.

A big congratulations to Drizzy Drake.

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