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Drake Says He Has An Upcoming Track With Wu-Tang Clan & Unreleased Aaliyah Songs

October 2, 2013 by Danny M


On September 22nd, Drake and Noah “40” Shebib sat down with Elliott Wilson for a CRWN interview at New York University’s Skirball Center. In part 1 of their interview that you can watch above, Drizzy chats about his Nothing Was The Same album, songs off the project, singing, an upcoming track that he has with Wu-Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, being in competition with Kanye West and no one else, and more.

After the jump below, you can watch part 2 of Drizzy Drake and 40‘s interview with Elliott were they discusses why his mother was upset with him about his verse on “Too Much“, his relationship with Jay-Z, how his and Jay’s “Off That” collaboration came together, browsing online, producing, health, and how he balances Young Money and October’s Very Own.

In the final part of the interview, Drake explains the story with what happened to the Aaliyah album that he was working on, wearing the Jaden Smith shirt at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival, his style, using a painting for his album artwork, who he would like to work with alive or dead, how he finds inspiration, working with Detail, and how he notices upcoming artists!


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Video: Are Drake And Jay-Z As Powerful As Drake And Lil Wayne?

August 25, 2009 by Danny M


We got to work a couple nights, actually, we did a few joints and from what I hear we’re going back in to try and get some more stuff done.

Jay has been one of the most special people to me in this game. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the nights me and Jay had in the studio, and the things he’ll tell me and just the way he embraced me. It’s one of the best feelings in my life. Jay is one of those guys that you can say, ‘I look up to this guy,’ or ‘I like this guy’s music.’ I wanted to be Jay. That’s what they say about the best artists. To be a great rapper, men gotta wanna be you and women gotta wanna … you know.

I wanna be myself, but for me to say, ‘If I couldn’t be me, I wanted to be that man’ — that’s huge. … To have that man in my life and to be able to interact with him and talk to him and, best of all, work with him — there’s not a real sentence I can say to describe it. Hopefully Jay and Drake are as powerful as Drake and Wayne. I hope people see that union and it comes up more than once in the future.

Via: MTV

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Jay-Z – Off That (Feat Drake)

August 23, 2009 by Danny M


Download Jay-Z Off That Feat Drake

Here is a song I’ve been looking forward to hear ever since the tracklist for the Blueprint 3 album came out. It is Jay-Z collaborating with Drake on a record called “Off That“. This was rumored to be the first single from Jay‘s album, but Run This Town and Death Of Autotune was the first/second single, so I am not sure if this will be a third single for the album in the future. This track was produced by Timbaland and you can download it below:

Download: Jay-Z – Off That (Feat Drake)

Enjoy 8)

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Why Was Drake Not On Jay-Z’s First Single?

July 26, 2009 by Danny M


Why Was Drake Not On Jay-Zs First Single

Jay-Z shocked the world with his new single, but was it a surprise to Drake when he didn’t hear himself on the highly-anticipated track?

There had been reports that the Canadian MC was to be featured on “Off That,” the follow-up to “D.O.A.,” from Jigga’s Blueprint 3. Instead, he released “Run This Town” featuring Kanye West and Rihanna.

“I don’t know who came up with that rumor to be honest, but I always knew what Jay’s first single was going to be,” the “Best I Ever Had” rapper told the BoomBox. “Me and Jay did a lot of work together. Maybe at one point he was considering doing it and someone got over-excited and put out a press release that I was going to be on the first single.”

Jay-Z also weighed in on the absence of Drake. “It’s very difficult to know what’s going to be my next single,” he explained to DJ Semtex. “I really just played a couple potential records and everybody ran with it. But I’m still making records.”

So what did Drake think of Hov’s new single? “I think Jay made a great choice,” he said. “I think the ‘Run This Town’ song is phenomenal. I think Kanye kills that shit. I actually heard that song when it was a Rihanna track.”

As of right now, Drake is scheduled to appear on The Blueprint 3, along with Kid Cudi, Mr Hudson, and MGMT.

Shout outs to Rap-Up and I was really hoping the first single was going to be the record Jay has with Drizzy as I am really looking forward to listen to it 😀

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