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Drake Talks About The “4 My Town” Music Video

November 21, 2009 by Danny M


“Me, Birdman and Wayne, we got this new song — I guess you could say it’s like another ‘Money to Blow,’ ” Drake said on set. “[The] three dudes that brought you the original are coming back, trying to make it just as big. It’s cool, man, to come out here and see the classic Cash Money feel. Everything is really big. It’s borderline cartoon. All the best things — the best cars, the best-looking women, the lights. It’s one of those videos that’s fun to do.”

Birdman continued to say that while Drake is family, he has his own niche.

“Me and my son been working 20 years, literally. Working with Drake brings a different spark,” Birdman said about working with Wayne and Drake. “[Drake’s] got a different spark. He’s him. He brings him to what we do. It’s a different look. It brings something else to it. What I love about him is he does his own thing. He has his own thing with our thing and it makes it bigger. Drizzy!”


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Birdman – Play Ball (Feat Drake)

November 13, 2009 by Danny M


Birdman - Play Ball Feat Drake

We heard the Soulja Boy version, but this seems to be the official version because Birdman shot the video for it last week! You can listen and download Birdman‘s “Play Ball” below:

Download: Birdman – Play Ball (Feat Drake)

Enjoy 8)

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Soulja Boy – Play Ball (Feat Drake)

October 26, 2009 by Danny M


Soulja Boy Play Ball Feat Drake

Remember Drake‘s “Play Ball” verse ❓ Well here is the full version, and it is a verse for a Soulja Boy record from his Paranormal Activity mixtape dropping on Halloween. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Soulja Boy – Play Ball (Feat Drake)

Bonus: Here is the full version of Timbaland’s “Say Something” which features Drake – http://www.zshare.net/audio/675199165dd6c311/

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