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Nicki Minaj Clarifies Why She Gives Contestants On “American Idol” New Aliases [Video]

January 24, 2013 by Danny M


In the video above, Nicki Minaj explains why she loves to rename people and give out new aliases. The clip also shows plenty of previews of the Young Money Barbie calling contestants on American Idol by their new nicknames.

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Drake Wants To Rename Collabo Project With Rick Ross From “YOLO” To Something Else

June 14, 2012 by Danny M


Late last year, Drake and Rick Ross both confirmed that they would release a collaboration project called YOLO (an acronym for You Only Live Once) and have already started recording tracks for it. While there has been no news on the project for a little while, Drizzy recently spoke to MTV about YOLO and says it is still happening, but it might have to get a name change because “YOLO” is so attached to “The Motto“.

“That title has become so… it’s like an epidemic. So I hope by the time we finish it, it would still hold weight and substance,” Drake told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway of the mixtape title, which stands for “You Only Live Once.” “We might have to call it something different now ’cause that’s just so attached to ‘The Motto.’ “

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