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PJ Morton Talks About Winning A GRAMMY Award In College, “Lover” With Lil Wayne & More

April 20, 2012 by Danny M


PJ Morton Talks About Winning A GRAMMY Award In College, Lover With Lil Wayne & More

Jason recently chopped it up with one of Young Money’s latest signings, PJ Morton. They talked about PJ‘s childhood, his father Paul S. Morton, Stevie Wonder, songwriting for other music artists, school, winning a GRAMMY award while still in college, Erykah Badu, becoming part of Maroon 5, his Following My First Mind” EP, how the collaboration with Lil Wayne for “Lover” came about, playing instruments, and plenty more. PJ Morton also said his next official single will be “Lover” featuring his new boss Weezy and they will be shooting a music video for the record. Hit the jump to read the full interview, which I am sure you will all find interesting!


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Episode 3 Of Lil Twist’s “Don’t Get It Twisted” TV [Video]

March 21, 2012 by Danny M


Episode 2 was released last week, now Lil Twist drops episode 3 of his “Don’t Get It Twisted” vlog. In this episode, you can see Twizzy chilling with Lil Za and Khalil, playing basketball, bowling, shutting down a mall, doing his sound check in Boston, performing on the “Careless World” tour, and more.

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